Interesting facts in Germany

Many people will want to come to Germany to enjoy civilization after reading this article.

When it comes to sausages, to beer – many people will immediately think of Germany. But this beautiful country also contains a lot of interesting things that will surely make you gasp when you hear it.

And believe it or not, quite a few of you will say “Wow, Germany is amazing” and wish to once set foot in Germany after knowing these interesting facts!

Interesting facts in Germany

Arschkarte is a German word, literally translated as “card…butt” . This phrase appeared at a time when TVs were only black and white.

At that time, to avoid confusion, the referee will keep the yellow and red cards in different pockets and pockets. The yellow card is stored in the chest pocket, while the red card is stored in the back pocket of the shorts. Thanks to that, the audience watching on black and white TV can distinguish which card has been drawn by the referee.

Therefore, the word arschkarte – meaning “butt card” was born. To this day, the Germans still have the phrase “Arschkarte gezogen” , which means “drawing a red card/butt card”. This phrase is used when something unpleasant happens.

Interesting facts in Germany

Many people are surprised when going to a supermarket in Germany, all products, in addition to the price, will usually have an additional price per unit of measurement (volume, capacity…) such as 1kg, 100g, 1 liter.

This makes it easy for customers to compare and choose products with the most favorable price for them.

Also, when you buy bottled water at the supermarket, you should also pay attention – the price of the bottle will be separate from the price of water. When you return the bottle to the supermarket, you will get a refund for the bottle!

Interesting facts in Germany

Separate parking areas for women are usually located in a convenient area.

Many people think that this shows concern, galant with women, but this is how the Germans prevent the assault of women that often occurs in parking lots. These parking areas will be located near the exit, so that they can escape or call for help when suddenly attacked.

Interesting facts in Germany

Few people think that Germany is a country of bicycles when 96% of people here have bicycles in their homes. They are everywhere.

Therefore, when traveling on the road, you must be aware of passing bicycles. If you go by car, do not enter the bicycle lane, otherwise you will be “honked” immediately.

Interesting facts in Germany

Coming to Germany, you will be surprised to see dogs walking everywhere: from cafes, parks, train stations, squares…

But you will also find dog waste bags in many places, all over the streets. Used bags will be thrown in a special trash can that you do not need to touch to open the bin.