How to get rid of odors on clothes very quickly and simply

Smelly clothes make you uncomfortable? Bad odors not only make you uncomfortable, difficult to get rid of, but also make you lack confidence. The following article will tell you some effective and fast ways to remove odors on clothes .

Pure essential oils are natural therapies with natural antibacterial abilities, effectively eliminating odors and bringing a fresh scent from nature.

There are two ways to dry clothes to help deodorize clothes as follows:

How to get rid of odors on clothes very quickly and simply

Do not rush to immediately throw away the coffee baits but keep them, leave a bag of coffee grounds in the closet to help remove the smell of clothes, absorb unpleasant odors in the wardrobe.

Put clothes in a plastic bag, put in the freezer to help eliminate odors on clothes effectively, especially with jeans.

Drying clothes through the dryer for 10-15 minutes helps to remove odors and helps clothes smell new.

How to get rid of odors on clothes very quickly and simply

How to remove odors on clothes with baking soda

Mix lemon juice in water, rub the mixture on the surface of clothes and let it dry to help eliminate odors very well.

The type of sand for cleaning your pet cat has very good absorbency, so you can put a bag of sand in the closet to effectively absorb moisture and eliminate odors.

Do not rush to throw away the old newspapers, keep them to deodorize the clothes simply. Roll old newspaper into your sleeves, underarms, and pants and leave overnight (or at least 4 hours) to help eliminate odors.

Use a little charcoal to put in a paper bag and then roll it into the clothes, leave it overnight to help eliminate odors very well.

Use vodka mixed with water at the rate of 50%, spray on clothes that have bad smell. The concentration in alcohol helps kill bacteria, effectively removing odors without leaving odors on clothes. Of course, vodka can only remove odors, not stains.

However, alcohol is not safe for all fabrics (especially not leather and silk), so test on a small area before use.

How to get rid of odors on clothes very quickly and simply

Soak smelly clothes with a mixture of water and white vinegar 30 minutes before washing to remove odors.

Immediately after changing clothes, soak your clothes in soap, especially you should apply soap directly to the armpits to help wash your clothes more cleanly, and better eliminate odors on clothes.

Soak clothes with salt water with a concentration of 3-4% for 30 minutes before washing, helping to kill bacteria and eliminate odors on clothes.

Retain rice water to soak clothes before washing with soap, this way helps to deodorize very effectively and very economically.

How to get rid of odors on clothes very quickly and simply

Soaking smelly clothes in diluted lemon juice 30-40 minutes before washing helps eliminate odors and wash stains better.

Ginger is crushed, pounded or pureed, then sprinkled on the smelly clothes, rubbed the clothes with clean water and finally washed with soap.

Pureed squash, pour the juice on the smelly clothes such as arms, armpits, etc. to deodorize and clean yellow stains.

Not only does it remove stains, but baking soda also helps eliminate odors on clothes effectively.

Cook orange peel with water, let it cool to soak clothes for 2-3 hours, rinse with water and dry in the sun to help deodorize sweat on clothes, making clothes softer.

Some favorite essential oils: Lavender essential oil, fresh lemon essential oil, grapefruit peel essential oil…