How to avoid and escape when attacked by a fierce dog

When attacked by a fierce dog, do not panic or run away. This further stimulates them to be ready to attack you immediately.

Currently, the pet-raising trend is flourishing, and with it is the introduction of many fierce dogs such as Pitbull, Tibetan Mastiff, Italian Mastiff… Despite being carefully raised, these dogs This animal sometimes becomes out of control, attacking other animals, and even humans.

However, unlike normal dogs, these are true “hunters”, with muscular muscles and sharp teeth. The embarrassment of dealing with them can have unfortunate consequences, the most serious of which can be fatal.

So what will you do when unfortunately encountering such a fierce dog? Come to the following article to get the answer.

Some American experts say that all dogs have the ability to attack humans, but not all dogs want to attack. Dog attacks on people who move suddenly are often the result of a whole developmental process.

How to avoid and escape when attacked by a fierce dog

Accordingly, because dogs are often kept in the yard, they often bark at people passing by. Of course, pedestrians often don’t mind and move on. It is this that gives dogs a “sense of victory ” and thereby makes them more aggressive.

How to avoid and escape when attacked by a fierce dog
“Dog fighting” is also one of the reasons why dogs become aggressive and brutal.

Besides, the fact that fierce dogs like Pitbull are often “trained” by their owners by eating raw meat or fighting dogs, which also makes them more brutal, more aggressive, can suddenly attack other pets and even is human.

According to Professor Stanley Coren, this is the first study to try to link dog attacks to the personality of the bite victim. The most interesting thing is that they found an important personality aspect.

Researchers often ask questions that focus on neuroticism (irritability, anger, fear, sadness, anxiety, hostility, and vulnerability) of the data collected.

From these studies, the scientists found that people with neurosis were 22 percent more likely to be bitten by a dog than emotionally stable people.

The team had a hard time explaining why people with highly neurotic disorders are more susceptible to dog attacks. It is possible that an individual’s anxiety and insecurities cause them to emit different pheromones (biologically significant odor molecules) .

How to avoid and escape when attacked by a fierce dog
Professor Stanley Coren. (Photo:

Some studies show that certain pheromones can help calm dogs. Therefore, it does not seem out of the question that other pheromones can provoke aggression in dogs. The high levels of neurosis-related discomfort may facilitate their generation.

Professor Stanley Coren said dogs are masters at reading body language. A person whose behavior shows insecurity and fear will make others around them slightly uncomfortable – a phenomenon known as emotional contagion.

Perhaps dogs feel the same way, their discomfort prompting them to act. With their less refined minds, they can reason that the most effective way to keep this slightly annoying person away from them is with a warning bite.

Thus, people with signs of neurotic behavior may become the target of canine aggression simply because they make dogs around them uncomfortable.

If you encounter an aggressive Pitbull, always remember this: Stay calm.

Many studies have shown that dogs can sense fear or anxiety of prey and that makes them more aggressive.

How to avoid and escape when attacked by a fierce dog
If you encountered a “guy” like this, how would you react?

You are also not allowed to scream or attempt to kick the dog. Dogs – especially wild dogs like Pitbull, Italian Mastiff… always want to make the victim panic before attacking. Therefore, keeping calm and controlling bodily behavior will calm them down.

How to avoid and escape when attacked by a fierce dog

Next, avoid looking the dog directly in the eye . Most of us, even if we stay calm, can’t avoid feeling scared.

Therefore, looking into the eyes of an aggressive dog can make it sense that you are worried. Besides, aggressive dogs can consider it a provocative action, which can attack you at any time.

How to avoid and escape when attacked by a fierce dog

Once your dog’s aggression has “calmed down,” find a way to retreat. If you’re holding a cane or umbrella, hold it forward (but don’t point it at the dog’s face). This will make your physique become bigger and seem more intimidating in their eyes. And when an aggressive dog feels you are not threatened by it, it is more likely to retreat.

“Life is not always like a dream” , so even if you take the above measures correctly and enough, you can still be attacked by a dog.

Or even more dangerous if suddenly a Pitbull attacks when you are unaware. So what should you do in this case?

How to avoid and escape when attacked by a fierce dog
If the dog is still “determined” to attack you, what will you do?

First, if you have enough time to get around, the best thing you can do is let the dog bite something on you, but not you.

For example, you can pull out a sleeve and let it bite into it. As soon as the dog bites the “bait”, immediately take off your shirt and then slowly retreat.

Some studies have shown that when a dog bites something from its prey, it can be distracted for a while, long enough for you to escape.

How to avoid and escape when attacked by a fierce dog
Using “bait” to distract the dog is one of the effective ways.

You can also use other items, like sticks, scarves, or even shoes – if you can pull them out fast enough.

However, in case of insufficient time, always protect your face, chest and throat . These are the places where ferocious dogs will instinctively target.

In addition, you need to hold your hand tightly if you don’t want your fingers to be bitten. If you are in a situation where you must be bitten, the safest place will be your shin/forearm. If bitten by a dog on the thigh, the risk of biting the aorta is very high, which can cause blood loss, leading to death.

How to avoid and escape when attacked by a fierce dog
Protect face, throat and chest, vulnerable places.

But lying still is not a good way, when large dogs have really strong jaw muscles, which can cause your arms to be crushed.

When attacked, you can fight back by kicking weak points like the throat, nose or back of the neck. In addition, you can use chemical sprays such as perfume, hairspray, etc. on hand.

How to avoid and escape when attacked by a fierce dog
When attacked, find a way to fight back. Attack on weak points such as nose, throat, nape… will make the dog falter.

Besides, it should be remembered that no matter how big dogs are, they only have one mouth, while we have two hands. Once bitten, find a way to attack the eye – the weak point of all animals – until it lets go of you.

How to avoid and escape when attacked by a fierce dog
Chemical sprays such as perfumes and hairspray can also be effective weapons.

And finally, after getting rid of the dog and carefully bandaged, you need to quickly… get a rabies vaccination . You won’t be able to tell if the dog that attacked you has rabies, so take precautions before it’s too late.