How does a drone gun work?

There are two basic types of drone guns, one that interferes with the connection between the drone and the operator to force it to land on its own, the other that shoots out the net to drop the drone.

Remote control drones (flycams) have been developed rapidly in recent years. They are used for many different purposes such as filming, photography or even performing arts.

However, some people have flown the device into prohibited, crowded areas causing riots around the world.

With a relatively small size and fast travel speed, it is difficult to catch up with drones. Radar systems, which are designed to track very large aircraft and fly at kilometres, also find it difficult to track smaller and much lower drones.

Some manufacturers have created drone countermeasures. In particular, Droneshield , a manufacturer from Sydney (Australia) is a famous name. Its drone gun model is called DroneGun Tactical . Basically, its operating principle is similar to most of today’s drone guns.

DroneGun Tactical has a bunker design, weighs about 7.3kg, meets IP54 water resistance standard, ensuring the device is safe in light rain or under the nozzle.

How does a drone gun work?
Droneshield’s drone gun model. (Photo: Droneshield).

In addition, the device has an electronic aiming system, which helps to filter out UV rays in the sun. At the same time, it has different sights so that the user can lower the target more accurately.

DroneGun Tactical operates in multiple frequency bands such as GPS band, control band (2.4 GHz) and digital data transmission band (5.8 GHz). The gun can suppress the drone by interfering with radio waves between the operator and the aircraft or the GPS system to take over, forcing the aircraft to land or return to the pilot’s position.

The range of this gun model is about 1-2 km. Inside the device is equipped with 2 batteries. According to the manufacturer, the gun can work continuously for 2 hours on 1 charge. DroneGun Tactical has 2 colors black and brown. The price of this model has not been announced.

How does a drone gun work?
SkyWall Patrol shoots out the net to drop the drone. (Photo: OpenWorks).

Another popular type of drone suppression device is the SkyWall Patrol , from the UK. This device has a larger and more aggressive design than the DroneGun Tactical. When operating, SkyWall Patrol will shoot out the net to drop the drone.