Giants ever appeared in Arizona?

The myth of giants on Earth has long been passed down in many cultures.

There have been reports of the discovery of a giant body, and related specimens in the wilderness of the state of Arizona, USA. What’s the truth?

In 1911, heavy rains fell across a remote area of Yavapai County, Arizona, causing flooding that severely affected farmers’ crops.

After the rains stopped, like many of his neighbors, Peter Marx went to the field to inspect the damage and he saw something strange: The soil was eroded by running water exposed. a giant bone. When he dug it up, Marx realized it was a human leg bone.

Things became even more strange, as he continued to dig and found many other oversized bones, notably a giant skull, much larger than the size of a normal person’s skull.

Giants ever appeared in Arizona?
Legendary giant. (Photo: ITN).

Marx said of the skull and these bones: The skull was so large that a 10 hat would fit on it. The teeth, some of which are still fixed in the jawbone, are evidence of the oversized head. They were three times larger than the teeth of today’s humans and had a more ivory-like appearance than the molars of the human race.

As for the bones, there is no question, as they are symmetrically formed, huge in size and solid. The femur and lower extremities appear to be almost twice as large as the bones of today’s average man. In fact, the skeleton of the man in my possession is quite complete to be able to determine the exact dimensions.

Marx continued his excavation at the site and discovered more ancient artifacts, including stone hooks to hold clothes together, stone axes and knives, and some pottery. The strangest thing was that what appeared to be arrowheads and metal spears were mixed with the above items.

This is considered unusual because the natives used stone objects, while weapons were made of metal. At the time, this remarkable discovery was published in many newspapers, attracting curious people who flocked here to see the giant skeleton with their own eyes.

However, Marx did not allow experts to bring these remains for analysis, and prevented any efforts to assess them by research institutes and museums. After that, it was no longer known where the skeleton was and what happened to it.

While people doubted the authenticity of the skeleton, in 1913, a similar remains were found in the narrow valley of Sycamore, Arizona. While working on the road, workers unearthed the remains of a person about 2.5 meters tall, surrounded by ancient beads believed to date back to the Toltec empire nearly 1,500 years ago.

Once again, this body disappeared without being analyzed and examined by archaeological agencies, leaving no evidence, other than some information and reports. One wonders, have such giants ever roamed the wilds of Arizona?

A point of great interest is the previous report of giants actually living in this area. According to a report from the journey of the famous New World explorer, Francisco Vázquez de Coronado , to the shores of Sonora, Mexico, bordering Arizona in the 16th century, not long before that, Captain Hemando de Alarcon, While transporting supplies to soldiers on the coast, his ship lost contact.

Another ship is sent to find out what happened to Alarcon. Although the missing ship was not found, it seems to have returned with a captive Indian, so tall that the tallest explorer barely reached his chest.

The report reads: While searching for Alarcon’s ship, Captain Melchior Diaz came across a tribe of giants. With 25 of the most skilled sailors and a few guides, Diaz headed north and west to search for traces of the missing ship.

After traveling about 150 nautical miles, they came to an area of extremely tall and strong people – like the giants of legend. These people live in large huts that are roofed with straw, built underground, with only the straw roof protruding above. More than a hundred people, young and old, slept in such a tent. When they need to carry anything, they can carry from a weight from 100kg to 150kg…

In fact, these are also just historical records and reports and very little actual evidence. So things are still in question: Did the giant once roam the wilds of Arizona or are these just mistakes and hoaxes?