Earth's magnetic field reverses poles faster than people think

The Earth’s magnetic field can reverse polarity, causing a series of problems for the world, but this can happen many times faster than humans think.

The Earth would have been lifeless if we didn’t have an invisible “shield” that is the magnetic field. Indeed, the Solar Storm is very destructive, it is the culprit that “killed” life on Mars billions of years ago.

The reason Earth is not in the same situation as the Red planet is because of its extremely hot core, which allows the accumulation of a very strong magnetic field to resist the solar wind . This magnetic field extends far into space, and it affects everything on Earth.

Earth's magnetic field reverses poles faster than people think
The magnetic field is a “shield” that protects the Earth from radiation from the Sun – (Photo: Internet).

However, when this layer of magnetic field reverses polarity, the strength of this Solar Storm “shield” can be reduced by up to 90% and place the world in an extremely negative habitat.

Historically, the North and South poles of the Earth have actually reversed many times, with a cycle of about 200,000 – 300,000 years / time.

Fortunately, this will not happen immediately, but it will take thousands of years. But according to a new study published August 20 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the change in Earth’s magnetic field could happen temporarily or partially in a faster time than we do. think a lot.

Specifically, this new study was led by an international team of scientists who analyzed 16,000 years of geomagnetic history encoded into the atoms of an ancient stalagmite in China.

Analyzing this stalagmite, scientists know that 98,000 years ago the Earth’s magnetic field suddenly reversed, in just 100 years – 30 times faster than previously estimated.

“This record provides important insights into ancient magnetic field behavior, which has mutated much faster than previously thought,” said study co-author Andrew Roberts, a professor of Earth sciences at the University of Australian National School said.

Although the fact that the Earth reverses polarity can be very dangerous, in fact this has happened many times and life on our planet still exists.