Deep space: What is a black hole?

Did You Know: Space – What is a black hole?

Black holes are among the most mysterious and incredible things in the universe.

They aren’t real holes, but are areas where matter has been squashed into a tiny space. It is thought that black holes have strange powers…

Keep your distance!

Don’t get too close to a black hole or you’ll be swallowed up! The pulling force, or gravity, of a black hole is so powerful that nothing can escape it.


Black holes are invisible to the human eye because no light can escape from them. Scientists use telescopes with special tools to find them.

What else can black holes do?

Bend space and light

The gravity of a black hole is so strong that it bends the space around it. Light passing near a black hole follows a curved path and eventually enters it.

Stretch time

Black holes can stretch time! The closer you get to a black hole, the slower time goes. Some scientists even think black holes bend the shape of the universe and make shortcuts, called wormholes, between different parts of it.

Different sizes

Black holes can vary in size.

Some are gigantic. Others are incredibly tiny.