Decipher the surprising truth behind the legendary ability to "sleep without eyes"

Truong Phi in Tam Quoc Dien Nghia used to have an anecdote of sleeping without closing his eyes. But in real life, can people do that?

The hero Truong Phi in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms has an anecdote about his ability to “sleep without closing his eyes”.

At that time, Truong Phi wanted his two subordinates, Truong Dat and Pham Cuong, to finish sewing white flags and white armor for all soldiers within 3 days, otherwise they would be beheaded as an example. It was unthinkable, surnamed Truong and Pham knew that, so they decided to plot to kill the prime minister.

In the middle of the night, taking advantage of Zhang Fei’s drunkenness, the two sneaked into the tent with swords and swords, only to be startled to realize that their master’s eyes were wide open. Only when they heard the steady snoring sound, they believed that Truong Phi was asleep, immediately killed him and brought his head to Ton Quyen.

Decipher the surprising truth behind the legendary ability to "sleep without eyes"
There have also been many cases of sleeping without eyes closed in the world.

Many people think that La Quan Trung has used the method of exaggeration here, but no one sleeps without closing his eyes.

But it turns out we were wrong. In fact, the world has also recorded many cases of sleeping without closing the eyes. For example, the story of Robyn Cathey (living in Acworth, Georgia, USA). For many years in a row, she often fell asleep with her eyelids completely open. This phenomenon only happens when I have a lot of fatigue at work, – Ms. Robyn Cathey shared.

Or the case of Mel Boozer, in Andover, USA, when up to 2 of her children have the phenomenon of sleeping without closing their eyes. She also jokingly said, “My child must be afraid of missing something, so he dare not close his eyes”.

In medicine, the phenomenon of sleeping with eyes open is called nocturnal lagophthalmos . In a nutshell, this is considered a disease that affects the eyelids , making them unable to close completely when we sleep.

Worldwide, up to 20% of people have this disease. In particular, even the patient himself cannot realize that he is sleeping with his eyes open.

Decipher the surprising truth behind the legendary ability to "sleep without eyes"
Worldwide, up to 20% of people have this disease.

According to science, many different causes lead to Lagophthalmos such as trauma to the skull, thyroid disease… even genetic diseases.

In particular, the main reason comes from the facial nerve – which controls the movement of both muscles that increase the eyebrows and the eyelashes that close the eyelids – having problems. Or it can also happen due to problems with the skin around the eyelids.

In an interview, Dr. Ivan Schwab from the American Academy of Ophthalmology said: “When sleeping, the muscles around the eyes will gradually close and slowly fall into a state of deep sleep. So when sick, they It will be very difficult for us to get a good night’s sleep. Even if we open our eyes while sleeping, it can scratch, burn and damage the eyes.”

Indeed, real-life cases have demonstrated the harmful effects of sleeping without eyes closed. According to Ms. Cathey shared: “My eyes are extremely dry and have a burning sensation. This has caused me to wake up many times during my sleep.”

Dr. Schwab gives us advice that : ” If you have a phenomenon of sleeping with your eyes open continuously, it is best to apply eye ointment, eye drops, … or wear specialized goggles at night. If the disease is more severe, you definitely need to go to a specialist hospital for examination.”

If you are lucky enough to have the phenomenon of sleeping with your eyes open, you should be careful and go to the doctor to prevent dangerous health effects.

The eyes of people with Lagophthalmos are always in a state of tension due to lack of rest. The eyes will protect themselves and retain moisture by rolling back up to expose the whites of the eyes. However it doesn’t help too much.

Patients may wake up with dry eyes or blurred vision, which has in some cases led to corneal ulcers. If you frequently wake up with dry, itchy, inflamed, or infected eyes and watery eyes, you may have some sort of eye disorder.

Of course, you can also experience some of these symptoms if you don’t get enough sleep. But if the above symptoms persist and your eyes stay wide open when you wake up, the safest course of action is to see your doctor right away.

This condition is quite common and completely treatable . Treatment can be as simple as wearing a sleeping mask for the eyes or having surgery to shorten the eyelids. In more severe cases, gold implants may be needed to make them heavier and pull them down while sleeping.

Treatment depends on the severity of your condition. There are temporary measures such as applying ointment to the eyes or using artificial tears to prevent the eyes from drying out.

Lagophthalmos is a medical condition that affects the patient’s eyes. The patient should not accept “living with the flood” because we cannot train the eye to get used to it. While it doesn’t look serious, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. We only have one eye, so if someone notices symptoms of Lagophthalmos in you, see your doctor right away.