"Cold neck" the book is rumored to steal the soul, everyone who reads it… goes crazy

Written in 738, Abduh Alhazred’s Necronomicon is said to be extremely dangerous. The book is rumored to make readers lose their souls, become crazy because the content in the book contains powers that ordinary people cannot control.

Abduh Alhazred is a poet, adventurer and master translator born in Yemen (a country in West Asia) and living in Damascus (present-day Syria). He is widely known as the author of the Necronomicon – the book rumored to make readers lose their souls, go crazy .

"Cold neck" the book is rumored to steal the soul, everyone who reads it... goes crazy
The Necronomicon is one of the most mysterious books of all time. (Illustration).

According to records, Alhazred wrote the book Necronomicon in 738. With his adventures, exploring many lands from the Middle East to Europe, as well as meeting many interesting people, he had a huge resource to write the book. book above.

In the book Necronomicon, author Alhazred recorded many events and phenomena beyond human imagination. Among these was his description of ancient beings possessing magical powers. These creatures once ruled the world. Cthulhu is one of the scariest monsters in the ancient world and is fast asleep.

Alhazred also recorded in his books the ancient magics he heard about during his travels. Accordingly, the pages of the books that Mr. Alhazred wrote contain mysterious powers that ordinary people cannot control.

Those who desire to possess magic to achieve their own goals such as money and status try to read the book Necronomicon. However, the end that awaits those who have read the Necronomicon book is tragic. All of them lost their sanity, lost their souls, and even became insane.

Things became even more mysterious when the author Alhazred disappeared not long after finishing the book Necronomicon. Some rumors suggest that he may also be a “victim” of a deadly book written by himself.

Since then, the Necronomicon book has wandered around before disappearing. No one knows where this book is, who owns it, or if it really drives readers crazy like rumors say.

Some historians, researchers, book collectors… have spent a lot of time, effort and money looking for the Necronomicon book, but so far there is no clue. This makes it one of mankind’s most enigmatic books.