Australian researcher uncovers the mystery of the Bermuda triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is an unstable area located in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of flying instruments and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most mysterious places on the planet . Located off the Southeastern coast of the United States in the Atlantic Ocean, between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico, it has become the center of unsolved mysteries.

Covering more than 700,000 square kilometers, the Bermuda triangle is part of the world’s busiest shipping lane, with several ships en route to the US, Europe and the Caribbean every day.

Australian researcher uncovers the mystery of the Bermuda triangle
The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most mysterious places on the planet. (Illustration).

Over the centuries, a large number of ships and planes are reported to have mysteriously disappeared in this area. In addition, this demon triangle is also blamed for the disappearance of thousands of people over the decades.

Stories surrounding the Bermuda triangle date back to the time of Christopher Columbus, but it gained special attention in the 20th century when the Navy cargo ship USS Cyclops with more than 300 people on board went missing in the area. Although there is no proven theory for the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, accidents continue to occur here every year.

Recently, according to channel 9 News, Australian researcher Shane Satterly proposed a new version of the disappearance of 5 planes over the Bermuda Triangle in 1945 .

Accordingly, the incident occurred on December 5, 1945, when five US Navy torpedo bombers, known as Flight 19 , under the command of Lieutenant Charles Taylor, were on a mission. train, fly into the Bermuda Triangle and disappear from radar screens. 14 people on the plane were completely missing. The three rescue planes also mysteriously disappeared. The US Navy confirmed that the cause of the disappearance was “unknown”.

According to Mr. Satterley, the tragedy was not caused by any paranormal phenomena in this area, but by the improper actions of the crew . Especially, after dark and the weather changes. Lieutenant Taylor began navigation not with tools but with what was happening outside the window, leading the crew to fly in the wrong direction and they were lost.

“Lieutenant Taylor got lost in flight more than once. He had to save himself twice in the Pacific,” said researcher Satterly.

The Australian researcher said that most of the crew members are trainees and most of them do not know how to use all the equipment in difficult conditions.

Mr. Satterley stressed that the US military knew the cause of the tragedy, but Lieutenant Taylor’s mother said that until the plane was found, no one could blame her son for what happened. In this regard, the military was forced to write in the report that “for unknown reasons”.

Many theories about the Bermuda Triangle have been raised over the decades, such as aliens or the ghost of the legendary underwater city of Atlantis. But those stories have proven to be more fiction than fact. The US government has never recognized this area of the ocean as a truly dangerous site, and there is no evidence that the frequency of accidents in the Bermuda Triangle is any more distinctive than that in the ocean. other.