After reading the user manual, I know that most of us have taken the escalator the wrong way

Don’t step on the escalator, because you will only slow everyone around, not faster!

People who step on escalators are contributing to their breakdown faster, according to a recent CBC report. The escalator manufacturer Otis Elevator Company even says that walking on escalators is extremely dangerous. But we’re not talking about that here. This article will focus on an amazing new revelation from Otis.

Specifically, Otis recommends that people when riding the escalator should not be crowded but stand in the middle of the ladder, with both hands on the handrail to ensure maximum safety.

A company representative confirmed that Otis warns users not to walk on escalators. Instead, every time they use a ladder, they should ” step up, grip the handrails and stay alert”. The company also posted 22 safety recommendations on its website, which you can view here. Among these tips, there’s the passage ” stand in the center of the step and face forward”, but it doesn’t mention holding hands on the handrails.

It seems that taking the escalator is not an easy task. To make it easier to imagine, here is an illustration of how to ride an escalator correctly according to Otis:

After reading the user manual, I know that most of us have taken the escalator the wrong way

Some of the recommendations posted on the website by Otis include:

According to research by CBC, walking on an escalator is likely to cause you to have an accident: in the US, about 10,000 people are injured by escalators each year. And a study in Tokyo confirmed that walking on the escalator is the cause of a fair number of accidents when riding the escalator.

Obviously, in reality, walking on a regular escalator isn’t particularly dangerous as the numbers show – it’s simply pointless. But imagine, an escalator has the potential to fail – so bad it can be deadly – and when that happens, all of the paranoid safety warnings mentioned above suddenly become extremely dangerous. reasonable!

Life is a series of actions aimed at assessing the level of risk, and the chances of you unlucky enough to fall down a flawed escalator are pretty low. But there are some people who have fallen into that situation, and if you are running like flying on slow escalators every day, you are just buying more lottery tickets to increase your chances of winning that “jackpot”. . Maybe you don’t have to grip the handrails tightly, but at least be careful every step of the way, okay?