8 harsh facts about fast food you… should know

Fast food has become increasingly popular because of its convenience and competitive price. This type of food has won the hearts of millions of busy customers around the world, especially young people. However, the secrets behind the fast food restaurant make us surprised.

In fact, there are secrets that only the staff at the fast food restaurant reveal to make you hear enough… startling.

Many people wonder why eating McFlurry ice cream must use this strange square spoon?

The reason is because, when processing, the staff at McDonald’s restaurant chain must put the ingredients into the cup, put the spoon in before mixing the ice cream with the machine. Its special shape prevents ingredients from spilling.

8 harsh facts about fast food you... should know

Usually, you will see small dots on the lid of drinks at fast food restaurants or large coffee shops. That makes it easy for both employees and customers to distinguish.

Some coffee shops offer takeaway drinks in styrofoam cups. Although they are cheaper, they are not safe for health and less environmentally friendly.

Even this cup made from foam plastic is extremely dangerous when exposed to high temperatures and difficult to decompose when it becomes environmentally harmful waste. You can identify this cup by the triangle icon with the word “PS” on the bottom.

It is a fact that coffee machines are often cleaned with some special chemicals and it is likely to get soaked in the first cups of coffee.

Not only will they spoil the taste of your morning cup of coffee, but they can also make you sick.

If you notice, carbonated drinks always have the lowest prices in fast food restaurants. The reason is because they create cravings, like all salty foods.

So you can limit your calorie intake by ordering tea, hot coffee or chips without salt.

The best times to visit fast food restaurants are from 11:30 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 19:00. Due to the large number of diners, the food must be served continuously and prepared while the ingredients are still fresh during these hours.

8 harsh facts about fast food you... should know

Milkshake – a drink with a sweet and very cold taste, usually made from milk, cream, etc. It is the drink that holds the record for sugar content at fast food restaurants.

One cup of milkshake contains more than 70 grams of sugar, more than the recommended amount per day. Moreover, they contain a variety of vegetable fats that are difficult to digest.

The average price of products purchased from vending machines is always higher than paying directly at the counter. They are often used by fast food restaurants as an advertising ploy to get customers to spend more money.