7 types of garbage in the house should not be vacuumed

If the garbage is powder or coffee beans or sandy soil, use a broom and wipe it clean instead of using a vacuum cleaner to avoid clogging the suction pipe, filter screen and shortening the life of the machine.

The end of the year is the time to clean the house to welcome the new year. Every corner of the house is cleaned and a vacuum cleaner is an indispensable item for many families on this occasion.

To clean the house and ensure the durability of the machinery, it is necessary to pay attention to avoid some of the following types of garbage.

If you accidentally drop coffee grounds on the floor, do not use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum because it will promote the growth of mold in the dust bin. Coffee grounds, whether new or old, look dry but are actually always wet. When they are sucked in, they will easily stick to the wall of the suction pipe, very difficult to clean.

7 types of garbage in the house should not be vacuumed
There are some types of garbage that should not be used with a vacuum cleaner – (Photo: Bright Side).

Similarly, flour, cocoa powder or dry coffee powder can easily get into the filter, causing a blockage. Not only are they difficult to clean, but they will cause the machine to run loudly, and the vacuuming efficiency will decrease over time.

Even if you’re careful, your home can still have soil: when you break a potted plant, the children put on shoes after playing in the garden… If the soil falls on the floor, sweep it with a broom and wipe it clean, When the soil is mixed in the carpet, it is necessary to use a small brush to clean it little by little.

In addition, the petals and dried leaves of indoor bonsai can also get inside the engine, clogging the suction pipe or filter. If these types of garbage are left in the machine for a long time, it will retain moisture, causing damage to different parts of the device.

Human hair, animal hair when entering the vacuum cleaner will quickly clog the dust container and clog the filter. When there is too much hair inside, the power of the machine can be significantly reduced, even after a single vacuuming.

Some cordless vacuums are equipped with a quick-rotating brush that curls the hairs tightly, requiring the unit to be disassembled to remove the hair.

Cosmetics are considered one of the most dangerous enemies of a vacuum cleaner because the powders and powders look dry but in fact contain many oils and fats and will melt under the action of hot air.

When they melt in the device will clog the filter. Once this happens there will be no way to clean the filter, if you want to continue using the vacuum cleaner you only have to go buy a new filter.

Scraps of paper, especially cellophane left on the floor after manual trimming, are difficult to clean because they will fly everywhere. Many people choose a quick solution to use a vacuum cleaner without knowing they can melt in hot temperatures, clogging the suction motor very quickly, causing the device to overheat and the machine to stop working.

It is dangerous to vacuum when the floor is too wet or to suck on wet food because of the risk of electric shock or short circuit.

If the floor is slightly damp, the vacuum cleaner will still work as if there were no problems, but shortly after, the dry layer of damp dust will stick to the suction pipe and filter, causing blockage.

Worse, this layer of dust and food will cause a bad smell every time the machine is used.

The small glass particles are sharp, so they can tear the filter bag, soft parts of the machine and cause dust particles sucked in from the front to fly back to the floor.