Zhuge Liang almost always holds a white feather fan in his hand, what does this thing do and why does he often hold it?

In dramas, or movies, we often see Zhuge Liang often holding a fan in his hand, and almost never stopping waving. Perhaps many people have asked the question: After all, why does Zhuge Liang often hold that fan in his hand?

The following article will answer this question.

First, please cite the evidence of historian Chu Nhat Luong (China) about the use of the white feathered fan in Zhuge Liang’s hand.

In “Thai Binh Ngu Exhibit” it was written that Zhuge Liang was stationed in Vi Tan, “Luong sat on a horse-drawn carriage, holding a white feather fan, commanded three troops, and followed it.”

According to historical records and evidence of Mr. Chu Nhat Luong, Zhuge Liang held a white feathered fan to command the army to fight. Zhuge Liang marched to Weinan in August, the weather was hot, it can also be used to blow the wind, so further investigation is needed.

“Tan letter. Co Vinh story”: Vinh waved a feather fan, the army of the anti-gods scattered.

“The Book of Northern Qi. Luc Phap Hoa Story”: Phap Hoa holds a white fan and blows the wind, the wind direction is reversed.

“The Wei book. Pho Vinh Truyen”: Vinh lost to the Southern Qi general Bui Thuc Nghiep at Du Chau, obtaining more than ten thousand pieces of art, antiques, and staff.

Zhuge Liang almost always holds a white feather fan in his hand, what does this thing do and why does he often hold it?

According to Mr. Chu Nhat Luong’s evidence, the event that Co Vinh defeated Tran Man happened in February, so Co Vinh holding a white feather fan is definitely not to dispel the heat. For the same reason, the battle between Pho Vinh and Bui Thuc Nghiep took place in December, and the collected fan could not be used for cooling.

The historical records of the white feathered fan that occurred when two armies fought, moreover, are recorded in the stories of many historical figures, it can be concluded that the way to command this battle was not only Zhuge Liang. new, but was a method widely applied in combat command during the Wei-Jin-South-North dynasties.

The poem “Phu Dat Bach Vu Phien” by Tieu Cuong in the Southern Luong Dynasty:

Possibility of blasphemy,

Refuse complex hybridization test.

The second-in-command,

The most virtuous commander of the army.

Tieu Cuong looked at the fan with white feathers and thought of Co Vinh, thinking of Nam Luong facing the chaos of Hou Canh, but no one in the court was like Co Vinh to solve difficulties for the court.

In addition, in other documents of the Wei-Jin-Southern-North dynasties there are also records related to the white feather fan, just like in history books.

The white feather fan is closely related to the two fighting troops, one more step proving the effect of the white feather fan is to command the army to fight.

Zhuge Liang almost always holds a white feather fan in his hand, what does this thing do and why does he often hold it?
Painting of Zhuge Liang holding a fan in battle.

“Prosperous show”: Holding a white feather fan to stand out, helping soldiers look up easily.

On the question of why using white feather fans to command the army, Mr. Chu Nhat Luong also conducted research. Because the white feather fan is pure white, easy to recognize by the subordinates, this is the most important reason.

“Luong Thu. Vi Due Story”: Due to a wooden cart, holding a staff like white, he commanded the army.

Of course, there are also people who use other objects to command the battle according to their preferences. Vi Due of the Luong Dynasty also used white jade to refer to the army in battle. However, the white jade stick and the white feather fan have a common feature, which is pure white, easy to recognize.

Through the above tests of historian Chu Nhat Luong, it can be seen that the white feather fan has an eye-catching color that is easy to distinguish. In the Wei-Tan-South-North dynasties, it was mainly used to refer to combat army.

In addition, in an ancient island country that had always studied China’s advanced culture, when their village chief organized hundreds of people to fight, he also held in his hand a fan-like thing to command the battle.

It is not clear whether this was influenced by the Wei-Jin-Southern-North Dynasty period, it remains to be examined.

Zhuge Liang almost always holds a white feather fan in his hand, what does this thing do and why does he often hold it?
Drawing illustrations.

Finally, there is the question of why Zhuge Liang often holds a fan and waves it in his hand.

Based on the above arguments, the white feather fan in Zhuge Liang’s hand was mainly used to command the army in combat.

As for why the fan is always seen in Zhuge Liang’s hand, this is probably thanks to the work of modern movies, television, and games that have successfully molded the image of Zhuge Liang, making the fan successful. White feathers and headscarves became the inseparable objects of Mr. Khong Minh, not holding a fan with white feathers would sometimes make a character… no longer like Zhuge Liang.