Why should you take these items in the hotel bathroom?

Shower caps may not be useful for male travelers, but you should use them to wrap your shoes before putting them in your luggage.

Not all hotel bathroom items are available for take-out. But with what is allowed, you should take advantage of it for the following reasons :

Please wrap, repack to use for overseas travel. Since soap is not a liquid, it does not take up any space out of the 100ml you are allowed in your carry-on baggage. At home, you can tuck them in a towel cabinet, between partitions or a towel to keep them smelling fresh.

Why should you take these items in the hotel bathroom?
Shampoo, conditioner… are always provided free of charge in hotel bathrooms. (Photo: iStock).

This is another useful option for travel. If the shampoo is in a bottle, you can wash it off when it’s used up, then use it to store small items at work or for picnics.

Some travelers use conditioner instead of shaving cream every time they travel. It’s lighter, still meets the 100 ml liquid rule, and works just as well. Like shampoo and soap, this compactness is ideal for hikes and camping, when you’re trying to be as light as possible. You can also put them in your gym bag in case your bathing suits run out at the gym.

You can take them home in case someone comes and stays in the family. If you need to pack a dirty pair of shoes in your luggage, wrap them in a shower cap to keep other items clean.

In addition to the use of oral hygiene on the flight back home, you can use it to scrub other household items.

One of Angus Kidman’s colleagues, the travel writer, left a bottle of conditioner on her desk as a constant reminder of a recent favorite trip. She even got the nickname Zeus, named after the brand of conditioner bottles. It will be more effective if the item is designed in a special shape, such as the Luxor hotel in Vegas (USA), with a pyramid-shaped soap.

Many hotels now keep soap and shampoo containers in the room instead of in the toilet as before, making it even more convenient for you to bring back as long as you are within the allowed baggage limit.