Why should you leave the front load washing machine door open?

A trick that many people who use horizontal drum washing machines often ignore is refusing to open the door of the washing tub, leading to the clothes inside after washing often have a bad smell or mold.

If you are starting to switch from using a vertical drum washing machine to a front load washing machine, there is a new habit that you should learn to change, which is to always open the front door when not in use.

According to Lifesavvy , the vertical drum washing machine has no cover and almost no water is splashed out due to the vertical drum design. However, steam can still come out from the drum easily. For that reason, the humidity inside the washing chamber is never high enough to cause mold problems. It is not a big deal to open or close with a vertical drum washing machine.

Why should you leave the front load washing machine door open?

But the front-loading washing machine has a protective film and rubber lining . The rubber lining of the washing machine door is quite important because it prevents the water in the washing chamber from overflowing.

But this same advantage is also a disadvantage because the design of this lining is quite tight. The already closed environment of the horizontal drum washing machine is now even more sealed because the rubber lining of the washing machine will block the air circulation. This is the perfect environment for mold to grow and harm your health. Not to mention the clothes will have a bad smell due to mold in the drum.

There have been many people who have encountered mold problems in their washing machines. In fact, this is not a big deal, but over the years, many customers have sued manufacturers about washing machines making clothes more susceptible to mold. However, the solution to such problems is extremely simple. That is to always leave the front load washing machine door open when not in use.

That’s right, that’s because opening the door of the tub will allow air to circulate in the tub and help remove unpleasant mold. Some homes have tight spaces that make opening the washing machine door a bit difficult.

But you can completely solve this problem by opening just enough for air to circulate. In general , creating ventilation for the inside of the washing machine is the most important thing .