Why is oil considered "black gold"?

Petroleum or crude oil is a thick brown or greenish liquid. Petroleum exists in rock layers at certain places in the Earth’s crust. Petroleum is a mixture of organic chemicals in a concentrated liquid state, mostly hydrocarbon compounds, of the alkane base, with a very diverse composition.

Petroleum is a brown or black mineral oil. Petroleum is considered as “black gold” , the “blood of industry” . During the Han Dynasty, the Chinese knew how to use oil to cook rice and light lamps. Later, from petroleum, people distilled it to get gasoline to run cars, airplanes, as fuel for internal combustion engines. From petroleum, people can distilled fuel oil used as fuel for tractor engines.

Why is oil considered "black gold"?
Petroleum is a brown or black mineral oil.

From petroleum, people also produce oil heavier than fuel oil . So what will the rest be? After the heavy oil has been taken, there will be bitumen left (asphalt, also known as the calendar bar) used as asphalt to spread the road. From heavy oil people also produce lubricating oils. When lubricating oil is applied to some places in the bicycle, the sewing machine will save a lot of effort.

With jet engines, the main shafts of the engine can rotate at a speed of several thousand times / generation (rpm), so special lubricants must be used, if used a lot, it can cause major problems. . So lubricating oil is not a small problem but a very important one. In addition, from petroleum, people can also prepare: paraffin, vadline, paint oil …, which are very important raw materials in industrial production.

Due to the continuous development of science , the “petroleum industry” is developing strongly. The petrochemical industry processes natural gas, produces syngas, and aromatic olefins and carbides are the basic raw materials for industrial production. With these basic materials, people have gone a step further in the production of macromolecular compounds and other chemical products.

Today, in daily life, in clothing, accommodation, study and work, it is almost inseparable from oil. For example, to make polyclovinyl for raincoats, combs, soaps and other everyday items using polyphenyl ethylene and the polyacrilonitrile material dubbed “artificial wool” , for the production of terilong for warm coat cores, production of porous plastics such as sponges, as well as synthetic resin materials, pharmaceuticals, detergents, pigments, pesticides, flavorings, and the famous polytetra fluoroethylene (teflon) compound, the king of plastics, are synthesized. from petroleum products.