Why do we often give lucky money with 2 USD bills during Tet?

Tet 2020 is almost here, and everyone is busy preparing everything to welcome the new year, from cleaning the house to buying and arranging gifts. An indispensable custom in Tet is giving lucky money.

The custom of staying away means wishing each other good luck, health, and “lucky” in the new year. Therefore, not only adults give lucky money to children, but adults can also give lucky money to each other for good luck.

During the New Year’s Day, you must have been given a new bill by someone. But why do people often give 2 dollar bills on New Year’s Eve? Let’s find out why!

The US 2 dollar bill not only brings good luck, but also has many other meanings that make it sought after.

Despite its low denomination, the bill is one of the rarest coins in America. They almost no longer appear in daily circulation.

There are many different reasons, but mainly because the production level of this coin in the US is very low, only about 1% of the total number of bills printed.

Today, printing of the bill is very limited and is only printed on demand.

When the Federal Reserve’s banking system finds that the supply of bills is too small, the banks will propose to ask the Bureau to print more. However, demand for a bill is often so low that it has to be printed once every year.

So far, the bill has only been printed for a few years: 1917, 1918, 1928, 1953, 1963, 1995, 1976, 2003 and 2009. 2009 is the time to print the last 2 dollar bill up to the present time with “trickle” quantities and only 12 US states are allowed to print this bill.

Why do we often give lucky money with 2 USD bills during Tet?
The bill has a lucky symbol.

According to many people, the 2 dollar bill printed in 1976 is one of the luckiest bills because in 1976 in the US there was a serious plane crash, everyone on the flight was killed, only one man died. he was the only survivor.

Anecdotes say that when he was rescued, people found that he only had a 2 dollar coin on his body, and they thought that it was this 2 dollar coin that brought him luck when facing death. Therefore, the 2 dollar bill in 1976 is considered the luckiest note because it is also a bill commemorating the 200th anniversary of the founding of the United States.

The bills in other years also have similar signs: 2 dollars in 1917, 1928 are considered to be twice as lucky as the older they are, and 2 dollars in 1963 are imprinted with red wood – a symbol of good luck.

In addition, many people want to have a 2 dollar bill in their wallet because in addition to the number 6, 8, the Eastern people think that the number 2 is a number that brings a lot of luck and is a symbol of happiness . The number 2 represents a couple, with a guardian by their side. Usually, couples give each other two dollar bills to show their love and happiness together.

Americans believe that every job is successfully landed, smooth sailing. Because the 2-dollar bill is different from other dollar bills, the back of the 2-dollar bill has pictures of 42 presidents of the United States, representing the full gathering of powerful and powerful people. In the American mind, the 2 dollar bill brings luck, helps unfinished dreams come true and brings success.

In the past, the bill was considered unlucky, especially for western gamblers, so gamblers often cut a corner, or kissed the bill if they had to accept it.

However, these notions soon disappeared and became lucky conceptions, because they believed that after throwing away the bad omen, it would bring a lot of luck. Therefore, since then many people hunt for this 2 dollar coin.

The 2 dollar bill is the only banknote whose back has the image of the president and 42 of the highest officials of the United States when they signed together to sign the Declaration of Independence that gave birth to the United States. The most outstanding and talented people typical of parliaments around the world. Unlike the above meanings, the meaning of this symbol is not conventional, it depends on the wishes of the owner: Power, strength, will, influence, smooth sailing…