Why are women poor at navigating but good at finding things?

According to previous studies, men are better at locating than women, but women are much better at finding lost belongings.

Scientists at the University of California have enlisted the help of 20 volunteers, including 10 men and 10 women, to conduct studies to clarify the cause of this phenomenon.

Why are women poor at navigating but good at finding things?
Women are more aware of the objects around them.

They showed the volunteers unfamiliar images. Then, ask the volunteers to state how they feel about the images as to whether they are ugly or beautiful.

The scientists applied electron method (MEG) to magnetic field imaging of the brain to measure the magnetic field changes generated by the activity of nerve cells in the brain.

Through this experiment, the scientists discovered that, when the subjects looked at a good picture, the regulation of spatial perception, concentrated in the parietal lobes of the brains of both men and women. women.

But while in women all neurons of the two hemispheres of the brain are active, in men only the right hemisphere of the brain is stimulated.

It shows that women are more aware of the objects around them , even if they are not related to what they are doing. That’s why women find lost items faster than men.

Dr. Francisco Ayala of the University of California, USA, has drawn the conclusion that : “Men tend to solve navigation tasks using strategies based on orientation.

Meanwhile, women tended to base their activities on remembering the location of landmarks and related directions, such as “from the left”, or “to the right of something”.