What's in the high-tech "military card" of Chinese soldiers?

Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers have received the first batch of high-tech personal identification cards, commonly known as “military cards” with new features including barcodes and microchips. attached.

What's in the high-tech "military card" of Chinese soldiers?
Chinese soldiers receive “military cards”.

China Central Television (CCTV) reported that a PLA battalion in the western region of Xinjiang received new cards in recent days. This is part of China’s efforts to modernize its military and provide better protection and support for its troops.

A video shows that the military cards are not only heat and explosion-proof, but also feature new technologies such as barcodes, which can provide more detailed information about the soldier.

In addition, a microchip is embedded in an extra “soldier card” to store additional information such as a soldier’s fingerprints, allergy history and injury history, CCTV said, adding that the The new card can also be used to give soldiers access to medical facilities, food services and transportation in their daily lives.