What feelings do people have 10 seconds before death?

Because no one knows what it will be like when they die, but only thinking about death is crying and mourning, death is still a fear of mankind.

Everyone dies once but only a very few die and then come back to life so people can’t experience what it’s like to die . Therefore, people are still extremely afraid and insecure about death. But with curiosity, experts are still constantly researching what feelings people have when they die?

A man slipped and fell into a waterfall. The moment he was close to death, he saw life’s memories running before his eyes. Being caught by his brother, the man was lucky to survive, but could not forget that “surreal moment” . “It was like a slow motion movie, everything flashed through my mind. It was the first time it happened and I still get chills thinking about it,” the unnamed man wrote on Reddit.

According to News, the above experience is not strange. Whether in real life or in movies, most of us have heard about it. Now, science shows that the phenomenon of memory rewinding before the moment of death is real.

Renowned American psychologist, Dr. Raymond Moody conducted a study of 150 people who had experienced near-death experiences and drew some conclusions about their feelings. Although the circumstances of these people and their personalities are very different, Raymond asserts that: When these people experience near-death, there are similar experiences that cannot be ignored, including the following 14 groups. The order of these sensory groups is based on the order of feelings reported by past people:

What feelings do people have 10 seconds before death?
There are different feelings about the 10 seconds before death. (Illustration).

Above is a series of human feelings at moments of death. It is inconceivable that in just a moment one can experience so many feelings. These are the summaries of scientist Raymond Moody drawn after his research. Hope it helps mankind to understand the exact meaning of death.

While many people have similar near-death experiences, the researchers also found unique factors in each case. “We found that there are many different factors in the same type of near-death experience, and they do not appear in a fixed order.”