What did Mrs. Vanga prophesy for 2021?

The last US president and the natural disaster – the media revealed Vanga’s next prophecy for 2021.

During her lifetime, Madame Vanga gave a large number of prophecies about the time, as well as left prophecies for decades after her death. Some predictions have come true, but many other predictions are just vague imaginations of people with clairvoyance.

For example, many people believe that in 2020, Ms. Vanga was right about the pandemic: the whole world was covered by the infectious disease of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, although the prophet spoke only of Africa. There are skeptics who have denied the possibility of a global economic crisis in 2020, but the crisis has also begun due to the raging pandemic.

How to explain Vanga’s prophecies for 2021, believe it or not is up to each person, but perhaps all are interested in knowing the predictions that the most famous prophet of our time I forewarned.

What did Mrs. Vanga prophesy for 2021?
Prophet Vanga.

One of Vanga’s prophecies concerns the United States, and refers to the “Last President”. As is clear, in November 2020, there was an election in the United States, resulting in Democratic candidate Joe Biden winning, but Republican Donald Trump delayed for a long time and did not want to give up the seat to the opponent and try to sue.

Perhaps, this prediction is partly related to the situation surrounding the recent US election, as well as to the way events develop after the inauguration of the new President Biden. With that, experts hypothesize that in the United States there can be great upheavals and instability, but not to the extent of serious and radical change overall.

Ms. Vanga also predicted that “the great power on the ocean, inhabited by inhabitants from different tribes, will no longer exist” . By all accounts, the implication here is about the fact that the United States of America may leave the world arena due to internal problems, and that America’s position, according to the oracle, will be led by a “strong dragon”. strong” occupied.

According to Ms. Vanga’s statement, the people of the “dragon” will use the “red currency” . Experts note that the 100 yuan note is red, so this prediction could be about China. Because the People’s Republic of China is currently one of the few countries that flaunts positive economic growth, despite the devastation of the Covid-19 pandemic.

From year to year, natural disasters have always been the basic theme of forecasts. And again there is talk of the United States. Ms. Vanga said that due to heavy rain, the US state of California could be flooded, while cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego would be submerged due to “super typhoons”. Notably, California experienced severe flooding in 1862, and in recent years has faced devastating fires.

The oracle also asserts that in 2021 the Earth’s orbit will move, which will affect seismic activity and volcanic eruptions around the world.

Experts decipher that this prediction speaks of the invasion of Islamic extremists into Europe. Vanga warned of numerous armed clashes and chemical attacks in 2021.

It is worth noting that until now the issue of refugees and migrants in the EU is still very acute, and conflicts on the interreligious level have indeed recently increased on the European continent. For example, in the fall, European countries suffered from a series of terrorist attacks.

But not everything is bad, among Vanga’s forecasts for 2021 there are also positive details – the oracle predicts that 2021 ” will come the day when cancer is tied with iron chains”. This prediction is explained in the way that in 2021, world science will finally find a cure for cancer, which in specific drugs can contain a lot of iron.

In laboratories around the world every year new drugs to treat cancer are continuously tested, and it may not be long before humanity defeats the incurable cancer.