What can be eaten after the disaster of nuclear war?

Scientists from the Alliance to Protect the Earth from Disasters (ALLFED) say what humans could eat in the event of a nuclear war, BusinessInsider reports.

What can be eaten after the disaster of nuclear war?
After the nuclear disaster, it was only possible to grow plants living in low light.

Accordingly, for example, experts calculate the likely consequences of a conflict between India and Pakistan. According to them, the hostile parties can detonate 250 million tons of nuclear weapons, of which each bomb will be six times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hirosima. In this case, the planet will be covered with thick layers of smoke, leaving the entire planet in complete darkness.

According to David Denkenberger, head of ALLFED, then it was only possible to grow plants that could survive in very low sunlight . Here comes fungi and seaweeds . Note that fungi can eat the “dead material ” of damaged trees. At the same time they grow quickly without any advanced technology, which means that planting areas can be preserved relatively easily.

Mr. Denkenberger made it clear that humans can survive on fungi for about three years. And then humans only have “dry food” left from seaweed species . They are also quite stable and can actively multiply for a while, because the ocean after nuclear war will cool more slowly than land. At the same time, there are beneficial substances in algae that protect the body from radiation effects.