Watch a silent movie and still hear the noise, maybe you have a 7th sense

In fact, a study published in the June 2018 issue of the Cortex Journal found that 1 in 5 people possesses the ability to hear real sounds when they only see images that make noise. that.

This special ability is called vEAR (roughly translated: sense of hearing through sight) , an innate and instinctive ability that spontaneously manifests itself when the time is right. So when you watch videos without sound or animations (gifs) and still can clearly hear the noises in that video or gif, you definitely have vEAR.

vEAR is considered to be the 7th sense, the secondary sense (a neurological problem that does not affect human ability. In addition to creating vEAR, the secondary sense can make people feel. colors of letters and numbers or hear the taste of dishes).

Returning to the above study, the scientists conducted a survey of more than 4,000 volunteers from North America, Western Europe and the United Kingdom. Volunteers were shown videos depicting simple and silent movements, such as a person suddenly shouting, a tennis ball hitting a racket net, or abstract images like specks. twinkling lights moving and bumping into each other.

Watch a silent movie and still hear the noise, maybe you have a 7th sense
Do you hear any noises from these images?

After watching each video, participants were asked to rate the perceived sound from the video on a scale of 0 to 5, with a score of 5 representing “very clear and vibrant sound”. The results showed surprisingly that up to 12% of participants had secondary senses and 21% had ever had vEAR. Compared to previous reports with only 2-4% of people having secondary senses, the above result is an unusually high number.

“Did you hear Taylor Swift scream?”

Accordingly, those with vEAR said that they heard the scream very clearly in the video of a person suddenly shouting, but with the above abstract video, the sound is very quiet, a bit suggestive. The scientists also found that people who had had vEAR experienced tinnitus, hearing sounds that evoked images of lights flashing in the dark or when they closed their eyes to go to sleep in their heads, and had Another manifestation of the secondary senses.

Try watching silent videos or animations to see if you can hear anything, maybe you have a 7th sense.