Unique beer with "ladies taste" in Poland

Beer uses fermented ingredients that are lactic acid-producing bacteria taken from … the bodies of hot models.

The world’s first beer, launched by Polish brewer “The Order of the Yoni”, quickly attracted attention thanks to its unique idea, using lactic acid taken from … “private areas” of 2 people. hot model .

According to Sputnik, this beer has just been introduced at Biala Malpa in Katowice city, with 2 types of “flavour” of two models Paulina and Monika.

Unique beer with "ladies taste" in Poland
Beer is made with fermented ingredients, which are bacteria in a woman’s vagina.

“When you drink this beer, you will feel as if there is a beauty bathing, dancing or giggling all the time. You will see a close connection with this woman,” advertised beer brand owner Wojciech Mann.

Mr. Mann shared that the idea to make this beer was born about 6-7 years ago, when he was sitting with a beer in his hand and wondered why it tasted sour. “After a few clicks on Wikipedia, I learned that it was caused by bacteria that secrete lactic acid . And after the next few clicks, I learned that there is such bacteria in a woman’s vagina,” he said.

To make the new beer, Mann says a gynecologist takes a sample before it is sent to the lab to isolate the lactic acid bacteria in a process that ensures complete hygiene.

Although lactic acid was technically the same as that used in brewer’s yeast, Mann said the perception of the drinker would be different.

“The purified water in the bottle has the same H 2 O formula, just like the water flowing from the faucet in your kitchen, but the feeling of drinking pure water from a glacier is completely different. And the gold that had just been discovered in the mine had the same formula as the gold in the old treasures of the pirates. But behind that are completely different stories, people who find pirates’ treasure don’t feel like owners of fresh gold,” he said.

Grzegorz Majewski, one of the first to try the new beer (8% alcohol content), said the price of 25 zloty (VND 154,000) per glass is too expensive but worth trying once out of curiosity.