Unexpectedly, the king had magical prophecy like Nostradamus

Jayabaya was the famous king of the ancient kingdom of Kediri (present-day Indonesian territory).

Ruling the kingdom of Kediri for 22 years from 1135, Jayabaya is one of the most famous kings in Indonesian history with incredible prophecy. Under the rule of King Jayabaya, the Kediri kingdom flourished and achieved many achievements.

Unexpectedly, the king had magical prophecy like Nostradamus
King Jayabaya is known as the Nostradamus of Indonesia.

Not only remembered as a leader, King Jayabaya is also known for his ability to predict. He has even been called the “Nostradamus of Indonesia”. The reason why King Jayabaya is called such a nickname is because he gave some extremely accurate prophecies.

The predictions of King Jayabaya are called “Serat Jayicut”. This is a collection of chronicles and poetry written by the king himself.

One of King Jayabaya’s most famous predictions was that he expected white people to appear in the kingdom and occupy it for a long time. This prophecy of King Jayabaya came true when the Dutch first arrived in Indonesia in 1595.

Next, the Japanese also arrived. Later, Indonesia became a colony for a period of time. Thus, Jayabaya’s prophecy came true after more than 400 years.

In addition, King Jayabaya also predicted that in the future there would be a leader who would bring Indonesia into a golden age. This person will become a great leader with many unprecedented achievements.