Tips for washing and drying clothes quickly when it is rainy and humid

Humid weather, heavy rain makes clothes take a long time to dry, moldy and smelly, even allowing bacteria to multiply, causing bad effects on health. Here are a few tips that will help you wash and dry your clothes faster in this weather.

The best time to wash clothes is early in the morning so that the clothes have time to dry during the day. It also rains less in the morning, so clothes will dry quickly and won’t get wet. You can soak your clothes with detergent from the night before to wash them faster.

Bacteria thrive in moist and dirty environments. This is also the cause of the unpleasant smell of clothes on rainy days. Therefore, you need to regularly clean the washing machine to avoid the accumulation of bacteria.

Tips for washing and drying clothes quickly when it is rainy and humid
Clean the washing machine.

Do not let dirty clothes pile up, but should instead be washed as soon as possible. Because the cleaner the clothes, the less bacteria cling to.

Wash clothes with hot water : To quickly dry clothes, you can use a washing machine with a hot water washing mode so that the clothes are both disinfected and dry faster.

If the house does not have a washing machine or the machine does not have a hot wash mode, you can also cook hot water (just enough for hand washing), after washing, dip the clothes and wring them out before drying, this trick will make the water slightly dry. The heat will evaporate quickly, making the clothes dry faster.

Use more fabric softener . It is better to use a single rinse fabric softener so that your clothes are scented and soapy in the first rinse.

Note that whether hand washing or machine washing, clothes need to be soaked in conditioner for 10-15 minutes to allow the scent to penetrate deeply into each fiber, helping you and your family’s clothes to smell longer. get rid of musty, unpleasant odors caused by bacteria that often appear in the rainy season.

Do not wash more than the allowable load . When you wash small batches, you’ll have less clothes to dry, so drying is quicker and easier.

If you use a washing machine, set the washing machine to high temperature to dry faster.

Tips for washing and drying clothes quickly when it is rainy and humid Use fabric softener.

It is ideal if your home has a large yard or terrace, when the weather is sunny and windy, take advantage of the clothes to dry, the clothes will dry quickly and smell good.

You should also reserve a place to dry clothes in the house in case it rains, because if you have to dry clothes in the kitchen, the clothes will easily smell like food, if you dry them in a humid bathroom, the clothes will be difficult to dry, even It even makes clothes more humid and smelly.

When drying, hang the clothes on the hanger (it is better to hang the clothes on the wire and then use a clip) to quickly dry and smooth the clothes. Before drying, you should wipe the clothesline to avoid making clothes dirty and smeared after each rain.

Incubate in cotton towels: If the house does not have any equipment to support, you can use a thick cotton towel, incubate the items that need to be dried in it for a while for the towel to absorb moisture and then dry, …

Spread the surface of the clothes to dry for faster drying.

Do not dry at night because the humidity increases at night, even if you have dried in a sheltered place, your clothes will still have an unpleasant smell, easily causing skin diseases: fungus, ringworm, …

Do not use a fan: many people have a habit of drying clothes with a fan, but this only causes the surrounding water vapor to condense more.

Tips for washing and drying clothes quickly when it is rainy and humid Hang clothes in the sun.

If possible, buy a dryer, or washing machine with this mode to dry after drying. When the weather is humid, if you finish drying and then drying the clothes, the moisture will be absorbed outside, and it will not be able to dry completely.

Ironing (ironing) clothes before wearing not only helps the shape of the clothes better but also minimizes the moisture remaining on the fabric during storage. Do not air dry clothes with a fan as this will only cause more condensation to occur.

Clothes should be ironed (ironed) before wearing . Ironing will not only help clothes look better, straighter, but also help remove residual bacteria on clothes and help clothes smell better, clean, and cool.

Tips for washing and drying clothes quickly when it is rainy and humid Should be clothes before wearing.

Blankets, pillows, clothes should be stored in plastic bags to avoid moisture, fight odors and limit mold that can multiply. In this season, washing clothes is very difficult to dry, however, you must not ” burn the stage “, put clothes that are not completely dry in the closet but must be dried and dried carefully before storing and wearing.

Do not air dry clothes with a fan as this will only cause more condensation.

Also, don’t forget to put some moisture-proof tablets in the closet.

Store clothes and towels in a clean, dry place, and move the closet away from the mold.

Tips for washing and drying clothes quickly when it is rainy and humid Store clothes and towels in a clean, dry place.

Underwear, like clothing, needs to be washed and maintained with care in this weather. When washing, it is also necessary to wash each underwear separately and soak with fragrant water to ensure that the odor of clothes is removed.

When drying, they should be dried individually and spread out, not together and with other clothes.

Underwear will dry more easily than other items, but you also need to wait until the clothes are completely dry before storing them.

Washing underwear with warm water is also a way to make underwear dry faster.

When drying clothes, please leave a gap so that the clothes are always ventilated and dry quickly. If the weather is too humid, you can use a blower or a dryer, which is also very effective!

After washing, Mom can dip the clothes in hot water about 60 degrees, then wring them out and dry them immediately. The evaporation effect of hot water will shorten the drying time of clothes.

For thick jeans or trousers, let’s dry the waist and bottom of the bag upside down. This will help the pants dry faster.

This is a way to help evaporate most of the water left in the clothes. If Mom irons both sides, the clothes will dry a lot faster.

After wringing it out, Ma spread out a dry towel and rolled the clothes inside. Then continue to wring the towel to draw out the water from the clothes. After drying, Mom will find the clothes dry surprisingly quickly.

Washing clothes thoroughly before drying is not only a way to reduce wrinkles when dry, but also a way to help remove excess water. Don’t forget this step!