Three prophecies about epidemics that make you think of corona virus immediately

The new strain of corona virus originating from Wuhan, China is raging and causing panic in both Asia and Europe with tens of thousands of people infected . Is the current corona virus epidemic warned by the genius prophet Nostradamus 500 years ago?

The coronavirus that causes acute pneumonia (Covid-19) has infected more than 116,000 people and caused more than 4,000 deaths around the world since it first appeared in Wuhan, China last December. . This deadly virus appeared without warning and has never been seen in humans before, according to the British Express newspaper.

Three prophecies about epidemics that make you think of corona virus immediately
The prophet Nostradamus warned about the epidemic 500 years ago?

However, some people believe that the disease caused by corona virus was predicted by the talented French prophet Nostradamus 500 years ago.

Accordingly, Nostradamus is said to have made three prophecies about epidemics that made the world stand still in his poems called Quatrain .

In Quatrain 63 , Nostradamus once wrote:

“Not far from Tiber, a land stained with blood,

Many kinds of plagues will come upon mankind…”

The Tiber is a river flowing through Rome and Italy that is currently under lockdown because of the Covid-19 epidemic with more than 9,000 infections and more than 600 deaths. Accordingly, some people believe that, with Quatrain 63, Nostradamus warned Italy about corona virus.

In Quatrain 6, Nostradamus writes:

Near the gates and in two cities

There will be two unprecedented calamities coming

Famine and disease will knock people down…”

In addition, Nostradamus mentions the plague in Quatrain 19 :

“The meadows, the fields, the families, the cities are at peace

Famine, plague, and war will spread to vast lands…”

However, according to experts, Nostradamus’ writings can be interpreted in many different ways and there have been many great epidemics since the prophet’s death in 1566 so it is incorrect to say that Nostradamus was advance warning to people about corona virus.

Furthermore, ambiguous and erroneous translations, fabricated interpretations, deceptive writings and fictitious accounts also distort what the prophet Nostradamus actually wrote.