The universe: Can you scream in space?

Did You Know: Space – Can you scream in space?

In space, nobody can hear you scream. This is because it is a vacuum, which means that there is no air. Sound can’t travel through a vacuum.

When astronauts are inside a spacecraft, they can talk and hear sounds because there is air in the spacecraft.


A vacuum is an area with nothing in it, not even air! If there is a vacuum between an object making sound and your ear, you won’t hear the sound.

How sound works

Sounds are vibrations that can travel through different materials. The vibrations make the air, or material around it vibrate and the vibrations the travel and enter your ears


On the Earth we have air, so sound can travel


There is no air on the moon, so sound cannot travel

What does it smell like in space?

The smell of space

Astronauts who have returned from space have struggled to describe the smell of their space suits after a space walk.

Some say the space suits smell a bit burned and metallic, like the smell of hot metal.