The truth is that the beauty secret that causes infertility turns a prostitute into the most promiscuous queen

Trieu Phi Yen is the only empress in China who came from a lowly prostitute. However, thanks to the unique techniques of the room and the secret of beauty to the point of suffering from infertility, she was favored by the emperor.

The position of the mother of the world in the Chinese feudal dynasties was always the dream of many young girls of the same time. However, only girls with noble backgrounds, from famous families, have the opportunity to set foot in this position. Therefore, it is difficult for young girls of the commoner class, no matter how much they desire, to achieve this dream.

However, during the Han Dynasty, during the reign of King Han Thanh De , there was an unprecedented exception in history. A prostitute who specializes in serving wine, singing and dancing for men, becomes the queen of a country – that person is Trieu Phi Yen.

History books do not record the origin and origin of this particular queen, but only know her real name is Trieu Nghi Chu. She has white skin, delicate beauty, slim body, soft body like a willow branch. The ancients also compared her beauty to the beauty of the same Han Dynasty as Vuong Chieu Quan and Duong Quy Phi’s beauty.

The truth is that the beauty secret that causes infertility turns a prostitute into the most promiscuous queen
Trieu Phi Yen has a captivating beauty and a graceful dance that captivated the Emperor of Han Dynasty. (Illustration).

Not only is the beauty of the heavenly country, but Trieu Phi Yen also has a dancing talent that is not inferior to a swallow. She used to be a singer in Princess Duong A’s palace, specializing in serving wine, singing and dancing for men to enjoy. Han Thanh Emperor Luu Ao, after meeting for the first time, immediately fell in love with the beautiful singer, and quickly took her to the palace as a concubine. Not long after, he also made her empress despite the objections of the court.

Originally a prostitute, she could become a queen in one step, proving that Trieu Phi Yen is not an ordinary woman. Many people rumored that she had secrets to make the king fall in love, including the secret of skin care with poison that not everyone dared to follow.

Legend has it that the Queen of the Trieu family used to put a pill in her navel called Huong Ky Trien . The main ingredients of this medicine are musk, ginseng kool, locust velvet, cinnamon, and phu tu.

The truth is that the beauty secret that causes infertility turns a prostitute into the most promiscuous queen
Legend has it that because of the use of musk, the queen surnamed Zhao had no children her whole life. (Illustration).

It is known that this miracle drug has helped Trieu Phi Yen have porcelain white skin, her body always exudes a seductive fragrance, helping Trieu Phi Yen always have a hot spring color. But this remedy is also a “double-edged sword” , making it impossible for her to have children because the main ingredient in the medicine is musk. Musk has the effect of making the skin shiny and smooth, but it is a poison to block the birth path of a woman.

Because she had no children, Trieu Phi Yen had a relationship with many other men with the desire to have children and strengthen the queen’s position. Every day, up to ten men enter her room, but Phi Yen can’t have children forever.

In the secret of Trieu Phi Yen’s Perfume, ingredients such as ginseng and velvet buds all have beauty effects. Loc velvet (deer velvet, deer velvet) is a precious medicine in the “four treasures” : ginseng, deer velvet, cinnamon, and father. Loc velvet has the effect of supporting treatment of serious diseases that need to be nourished, supporting the general condition, enhancing the body’s resistance, long-term use with low doses has the effect of prolonging life.

If using antler velvet is deer velvet, in addition to health care, it also has a great effect in beauty and anti-aging.

The truth is that the beauty secret that causes infertility turns a prostitute into the most promiscuous queen
There is no scientific evidence that musk causes infertility in women.

However, about the composition of musk, many people believe that it is the main cause of infertility, is this true?

Musk is derived from the musk sacs of musk deer or civets. Pure musk has a pungent, very strong and very long-lasting scent. In 1906, musk was first synthesized artificially. Due to the scarcity of natural musk, artificial musk became popular.

In the 1980s, scientists began to experiment with synthetic musk: 20 milligrams of artificial musk was injected into rats by subcutaneous injection per day, and it was found that a proportion of female rats carried pregnancy reduced by 17%-40%.

In 1987, Japanese scientists soaked uterine smooth muscle outside the body in natural musk and found that low doses of musk actually lead to uterine smooth muscle contractions, but high concentrations of musk had May inhibit contraction of uterine smooth muscle. This means that a large amount of musk has no effect on the body.

However, it has not been proven that musk actually causes infertility in women because the experiments required very large amounts of musk to have an effect. Therefore, if only inhaling a small amount of musk is very unlikely to cause infertility in women.

Dr. Wang Ruilin, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor at 302 Hospital also confirmed that musk causes infertility is not entirely accurate . To date, no research has shown that musk can affect a woman’s conception. Conversely, for cases of menstrual disorders such as dysmenorrhea and blood stasis, musk can also play a therapeutic role by regulating menstruation.

However, to ensure safety, people still need to be careful when using products containing musk, such as perfumes, scented soaps, etc. or Oriental medicine drugs in the composition of musk for women with pregnancy, infertility, or stillbirth or difficulty conceiving.