The prophet "sleeps" and the predictions come true

Edgar Cayce correctly predicted the deaths of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and President John F Kennedy.

Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945) is known as the most famous “sleeping prophet” of the 20th century from the United States. Not only did he make very accurate predictions about the future, but Cayce also had miraculous healing powers. His medical examinations have revealed very strange mysteries about human destiny, such as reincarnation and the inner laws hidden within it.

During his lifetime, the seer Edgar Cayce gave nearly 15,000 prophecies while sleeping. In those predictions, he also mentioned reincarnation, past lives and he affirmed that the problems that each person encounters are caused by cause and effect from past lives.

Today, the shorthand records of his prophecies are still carefully preserved. In it, Edgar Cayce’s prophecy about the future direction of civilization accounts for only a very small part, but is interesting to many people, although there are still contents that can not be completely deciphered until now. .

The prophet "sleeps" and the predictions come true
Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945).

On June 20, 1943, Edgar Cayce predicted the beginning and end of World War 2. Five days after making the prophecy, the Nazi and Russian armies clashed. in the greatest tank battle of all time.

The prophet "sleeps" and the predictions come true
World War II broke out.

In the late 1920s, the US stock market continued to rally and stocks could make people a billionaire overnight. But since 1924, Edgar Cayce has predicted the stock market crash in 1929. He even provided a list of industries that would grow high, or which codes would be a long-term investment target. least volatility.

In January 1934, Cayce said that Hitler would increase his strength to rule Germany. In August 1935, he predicted that Hitler would remain in power until “completely defeated by an external war”.

Edgar Cayce also predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union as follows: “Through Russia the world has hope. There is no interest in the Bolshevik era. Freedom will come. Everyone will live in love again. brethren. Justice will be born here. It will take years for the crystallization to return.” Indeed, the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 as prophesied by the “sleeping prophet”.

Specifically, in 1939, Edgar Cayce predicted that two US presidents would die while in office. His prediction came true when President Franklin D. Roosevelt died in office in 1945 and President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas in November 1963.

In 1932, Cayce predicted that the Jews would return to Israel and fight off hostile forces to fulfill Biblical prophecies. The State of Israel was then re-established in May 1948 and was followed by wars with the Arab countries surrounding it.

The prophet "sleeps" and the predictions come true
Edgar Cayce predicted he would die of a stroke on January 3, 1945.

On January 1, 1945, Edgar Cayce predicted he would be buried in four days. And he died of a stroke on January 3, 1945, he was buried in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, where he was born.

In addition, Edgar Cayce also makes predictions about Hitler, certain periods of Japan, China, alliance between the US and Russia as well as foretelling.