The mystery of the desert metal block was revealed thanks to Internet users

This logical explanation will probably disappoint fans of the alien theory.

On November 24, a mysterious metal block appeared in the desert of Utah , USA, causing a stir among world Internet users. Local officials discovered the cylinder while counting sheep from the plane. Shiny, silvery metal jutted out of the ground among the large red rocks in the desert.

Utah Department of Public Safety officials said the object was about 3-3.5 meters tall, and appeared to have been intentionally buried in the ground. However, they refused to reveal the exact location of the strange object for fear of curious crowds flocking to the remote, dangerous wilderness.

The scene of a metal block lying in the middle of a desolate space is like in the famous fantasy movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. After the discovery of the Utah Department of Public Safety, Internet users have come up with various theories.

The mystery of the desert metal block was revealed thanks to Internet users
What could be a more reasonable explanation for the origin of a metal block in the middle of the desert, other than the fact that it was the props of a sci-fi film crew? (Photo: Cnet).

Instead of extraterrestrial origin theories, Reddit members made more possible speculations. They determined the relative position of the metal block after following the flight path of the Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter. From there, they assumed that this strange object’s location was in the area between Canyonlands National Park and the Colorado River.

Once they narrowed down the location, they used Google Earth to determine when the rock appeared here. Image data from Google Earth shows that the rock appeared over a long period of time, from August 2015 to October 2016.

Meanwhile, the Westworld sci-fi crew was filming in this area. So it’s most likely because the studio staff didn’t clean up the filming props. Or, someone who is a fan of 2001: A Space Odyssey intentionally left the metal block behind to surprise the world with a scene exactly like the one in the Kubrick movie.

Nearby locations are also where many film and television crews choose to film, ranging from new productions like 127 Hours and Mission: Impossible 2 to westerns from the 1940s. previous century. However, the possibility that the film crews returning to the Far West will leave behind a 3 m high metal sphere is also unlikely.

The above explanation may disappoint those who want to believe in some extraterrestrial power. However, it is difficult to find a more reasonable cause to explain the origin of this object.