The most modern 600-room hotel, but even billionaires can’t rent it

This hotel has all the amenities you need, but it’s not for you.

Skyview 6 building is a special hotel with 600 rooms. The building is located near Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, USA, with many associated complexes, such as pubs, super gym, swimming pool, free bicycle service, shops. Sushi…

But how to set foot here and enjoy luxury services? You must have a lot of money? In fact, not even billionaires can step foot in here, because the hotel only accepts employees working for American Airlines.

This airline is extremely expensive to build a luxury hotel to serve tens of thousands of flight attendants, pilots and frontline workers. They often come here to attend training courses. In the past, employees often had to live in low-quality hotels around the airport.

The most modern 600-room hotel, but even billionaires can't rent it

The most modern 600-room hotel, but even billionaires can't rent it
The scene outside the hotel

Since the American Airlines hotel was built, it has become the inspiration for other million-dollar projects, such as the 800-room hotel at Deloitte’s training center outside Dallas. Among the other major US airlines, other than American Airlines, only JetBlue Airways has its own hotel for employees , a 196-room motel that opened in Orlando in 2015.

American Airlines owns but does not operate Skyview 6. MCR, which owns the TWA Hotel in New York and nearly 150 other hotels, will manage the hotel.

Talking about the spirit of the hotel, Robert Isom, chief executive officer of American Airlines, said the project brings energy and a sense of connection. As for the material, Mr. Isom firmly affirmed the quality of Skyview 6: nothing in Skyview 6 is second-rate !

The interior of the hotel is invested quite carefully, all the details of the arrangement have a consistent spirit and remind of the history of the airline. Artwork from the College of Flight Attendants, founded in 1957, hangs in the lobby. The guest lounge area displays training materials and photographs of cockpit interiors and recliners.

The magnetic blackout curtains in the room are designed to keep light out. The cabinets in the room are large enough to fit laptops and tablets.

There is a waiting room on each floor for employees to gather to talk, and there are private single rooms for them to take breaks.

The most modern 600-room hotel, but even billionaires can't rent it
The interior is both consistent and reminiscent of the airline’s history.

Brady Byrnes, senior vice president of in-flight services for American Airlines, said that before building additional special areas, the company has conducted a very thorough survey to ensure that the needs of employees are met. the best. The hotel considered buying more microwave popcorn snacks for staff, but all agreed that this snack was risky, too many people adjusted the time on the microwave too much. and burn it.

Holly Ragan, the company’s senior director of real estate, said the bathroom has sensor lighting, which automatically turns on when employees walk in – a feature that is very convenient for employees with working hours. non-stationary work.

There’s also a digital clock embedded in the bathroom mirror and bluetooth connectivity so employees can listen to music or podcasts right in the bathroom.

Ellie Boothe, a 27-year-old flight attendant in Philadelphia who joined American Airlines last year, stayed at Skyview 6 during training. She absolutely loves the bluetooth mirror, which she has only seen in another hotel.

“The interior and amenities are much more advanced than the hotels we frequented,” Ellie recounts with delight.

The most modern 600-room hotel, but even billionaires can't rent it

The most modern 600-room hotel, but even billionaires can't rent it
The bedroom is a bit more simple.

The most modern 600-room hotel, but even billionaires can't rent it
The gym is quite large.

The fitness center is quite large, the pub is open to guests in the late afternoon and serves food and alcohol. Mr. Isom said he brought Hyatt CEO Mark Hoplamazian here for a “drink” after the meeting.

The pub is the only place where hotel guests have to pay , as the per diem only includes meals at the hotel’s cafeteria, shopping at the market and drinking at the cafe. But that is more than enough for the staff here.

Mr. Parker, the president of American Airlines who retired last week, is very supportive of the way the hotel is run, believing it to be an effective strategy to promote the airline’s image and attract more talent. .

The captain of American Airlines, Dennis Tajer, once stayed in the hotel for five nights because of a training schedule. He was so comfortable with the hotel services that he later booked a private trip to Skyview 6.