The dangers you faced if you lived in ancient Egypt

In ancient Egypt, people faced a variety of diseases and dangers. Strangely, there are many dangers that come from the very things that make life progress . One of them is the Nile River.

The Nile River laid the foundation for life in ancient Egypt, allowing people to settle and live on farming and fishing instead of having to wander through the lands. However, the river also brings great disadvantages.

If you interact with water, you could be exposed to some horrible parasites . One such parasite is schistosomiasis . They can enter the body through limbs and lay eggs in blood vessels, causing serious damage when moving through internal organs.

The dangers you faced if you lived in ancient Egypt
The Nile laid the foundation for life in ancient Egypt, but it also brought great disadvantages.

Another problem, especially near water, is malaria . Malaria can cause flu-like symptoms and lead to death if left untreated.

You should also be careful with the crocodiles. If you are a servant, you should also worry about the life of your master because if they die, you may be sacrificed and buried with them.

During the early period of ancient Egypt, some of the Pharaoh’s servants were buried around their master’s tomb. This is considered a great privilege. Later, the ancient Egyptians turned to burying statues or models of servants to protect themselves from danger.

The ancient Egyptians also valued the use of amulets . Amulets are talismans or jewelry that have symbolic meaning and are said to have magical powers or protective abilities. This magical power is partly based on the appearance of the talisman such as: shape, color and material. Many amulets in animal breeds or gods. The ancient Egyptians also used seasons to protect the dead and were mummified to aid them in the afterlife.

Some ancient practices actually protect people from dangers, according to science, researchers say.

A 2010 study found that the distinctive black eye makeup that summons the power of the gods and repels disease has antibacterial properties, helping to protect people from infection. This makeup is made of lead. Lead can be toxic, so researchers argue that makeup kills bacteria and helps prevent and cure eye diseases by boosting immune cell activity. But today, you should not try this method because lead poisoning is so dangerous that the harm will outweigh the benefits.

In short, life in ancient Egypt was not as easy as you might think.