Strange tribe in the deep forest – Where a man can take up to 4 wives

In this remote tribe living in the deep forest, a man can take up to 4 wives. And this tribe is not always open to tourists.

Drew Binsky is a famous travel blogger in the world travel community. He owns a personal channel that attracts more than 2 million followers. Recently, the American blogger had the opportunity to visit an indigenous tribe located in the most remote area of Mexico – the Lacandon Aboriginal people.

Strange tribe in the deep forest - Where a man can take up to 4 wives
Lacandon people have a habit of long hair and white clothes.

According to Drew, this tribe is not always open to tourists. Thanks to a companion named Diego, he was “characterized” to come here. So, he took advantage of 72 precious hours to learn about the fascinating culture of these Aboriginal people living in the deep forest.

It is known that Lacandon forest is the largest tropical forest in North America. It stretches from Chiapas, through Guatemala and all the way down to Honduras. The Aboriginal people living here also named their tribe after the forest.

According to the American blogger, there are still less than 1,000 Lacandon people living in four separate villages, all located in the deep Lacandon forest in the state of Chiapas (Mexico) – about 10 miles from the Guatemala border.

The Lacandon people like to wear white as a symbol of peace, Drew said. They often have long hair and communicate with each other in a unique language called Hach tʼan.

In fact, the Lacadon people are descendants of the ancient Maya. Their lives almost cut off all contact with the outside world.

Strange tribe in the deep forest - Where a man can take up to 4 wives
A Lacandon man can take up to 4 wives to help with housework and childcare.

One of the other interesting things in Lacandon culture is that a man can have four wives. This is similar to Islam. Since men here often own a lot of land, they need many wives to help with farming or washing clothes.

The Lacandon Aboriginal people today are living separately from the outside, so they have to survive on their own. During his 72-hour experience here, Drew said, he found the tribe “has a great system”. In it, women will take care of the kitchen, child care and house cleaning, while the male breadwinner will do the tools and find food.

Lacandon life expectancy is higher than the average life expectancy of Mexicans thanks to the source of food and a healthy diet

At first glance, it can be seen that life in the rainforest is very difficult. But in fact, the food source here is quite abundant. According to his companion Diego, they can find bananas, papayas, coconuts and onions… These items are completely natural, not affected by chemicals, so they are good for health.

In the Lacandon rainforest where people live, there are more than 100 types of edible fruits and plants. Food sources from water are also very abundant, with fish, snails, frogs or turtles – providing a source of protein.

Thanks to healthy foods and diets, the Lacandos live longer than the Mexican average (74 years). There are even old men and women in the village who live to be a hundred years old but are still very lucid.