Space exploration: Will we go back to the moon?

Did You Know: Space – Will we go back to the moon?

People haven’t visited the moon since 1972. However, since then we have sent spacecraft there and learned a lot more about the moon.

There are plans for astronauts to return to the moon in the future and build a base, where they could live and work.

Space suit

People living in the moon base will still need a space suit with an air supply to go outside. This is because there is no air to breathe on the moon.

Moon base

A future moon base could use some of the moon’s rocks for the buildings where astronauts would live and work.

What’s in the future for space exploration?

New rockets

New rockets will allow humans to explore farther into space than ever before.

The SpaceX Falcon Heavy is a new rocket that will be one of the most powerful in the world when it launches.

Inflatable bases

Future bases in space could be made from special materials that can be inflated, or blown up like a balloon in space.

A base like this is being tested on the International Space Station.