Shock predictions for catastrophic 2021

Predicting 2021, Mr. David Beasley said that 2021 will be a literal disaster year, based on what we see at this stage.

In 2021, the world risks facing its worst humanitarian crisis in 75 years, if countries fail to provide the necessary funding, said David Beasley, Director of the World Food Program at the United Nations World Food Program. United Nations (WFP) said.

David Beasley noted that in the past four years, mainly due to armed conflicts, the number of people on the brink of starvation has increased from 80 million to 135 million.

Shock predictions for catastrophic 2021
The world is at risk of facing a humanitarian crisis in 2021.

“But because of Covid-19, the number of people starving to death has literally increased from 135 million to 270 million,” Beasley said at a special meeting of the United Nations General Assembly dedicated to the fight against Covid-19.

What risks will happen in 2021?

“Since we spent trillion, in 2021 there may not be this amount and there will be none,” he stressed. The recession is underway and demand is doubling.”

“We are now looking at 2021, which will be the year of the worst humanitarian crisis since the founding of the United Nations,” Mr. Beasley said.

However, he said, if the necessary funds could be collected, it would be possible to prevent instability, famine and migration.

The head of WFP said: “As I tell many of my friends and leaders around the world, next year we won’t be able to fund everything. So we have to prioritize issues of instability, hunger and migration.”

He noted that if money can be raised to solve these problems, ” we should be able to live through 2021″.