Scientists predict when humans will become immortal

The “digital” technology that transfers thoughts from the body to the machine will contribute to making humans immortal.

Scientists predict when humans will become immortal
Accelerating the relationship between humans and robots will make humans immortal in 32 years.

Machine learning technology is reaching a new level. The neural network will help scientists make an exact replica and “transfer” a person’s thoughts after death into the body of a robotic device, TimeGuide writes.

In such a direction of human evolution, British futurist Ian Pearson advocates for the rapid initiation of human-robot relations .

However, Pearson thinks the technology has its own “pitfalls” . According to the futurist, due to the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, after transferring the human mind to the robot body , the two “management systems” will be very difficult to exist in a digital space, and human reason can become “hostage” of artificial intelligence.

According to Pearson, the solution to this would be to create a neural network that would not interfere with people’s thoughts and completely obey their commands. The British futurist notes that the technology of transferring thoughts to robots will help people get a “second” life and make them immortal after 32 years .