Science proves: The more photos a couple publishes publicly, the easier it is to…

Publicizing relationships on social networks has become a very common thing in today’s digital age. Imagine, a series of pictures of the two becoming the focus of everyone’s attention, in addition to the compliments, must always make their owners “blossom”.

But anything too much will be “overwhelming” , and with love affairs, this inadvertently creates a bad signal.

Science proves: The more photos a couple publishes publicly, the easier it is to...
Anything too much will be “surreal”.

In the study “Can You Tell That I’m in a Relationship? Attachment and Relationship Visibility on Facebook”. hypothesized that couples who want to make their relationship more public on social media are more likely to feel insecure about their partner’s own feelings.

And this hypothesis is partially confirmed in a study of 108 couples. Each person was asked to fill out a report over the course of 2 weeks, including their thoughts on their relationship and social media activity (photos, wall posts, comments and status updates). The results show that, on days when they feel that their relationship is “troubled” , they will regularly update their daily information about their “couple” .

This conclusion is also agreed by the love consultant, Nikki Goldstein. These couples, she said, are often struggling with their own emotional problems, and want to find empathy in people through social media.

In addition, a team of psychologists from Brunel University further revealed that this is a subject with self-esteem problems, when they become hastily uploading intimate pictures of themselves. This action is seen as a temporary relief to show that they are still “fine”.

Of course, not every couple who likes to show off their sweet images is on the verge of death. The decision to share more or less is still up to both of you, but love always needs long-term cultivation.