Science proves: People who are often "coffee" are actually very smart, charming and successful!

As it turns out, khà is art, and the person who knows khá is the artist.

In the Vietnamese dictionary, “cà khà” is defined as follows:

Word Type: Verb

Meaning : Ca Kha refers to intentionally causing fights to quarrel and fight each other; meddling in other people’s private affairs with bad intentions is also considered sarcastic.

For example:

In today’s society, khaki is often considered a bad character, and those who like to go to khaki are definitely not good people.

That is with society, what about the sister association? Coffee is an art, and the person who knows Kha is an artist! In fact, science has proven: Friends who know coffee at the right time, even pretending to be heartless regardless of what other people think, are actually a good thing.

According to research published in the Association for Psychological Science, sarcasm or intentionally imposing negative emotions on a friend you are close to is one of the ways to show understanding and affection. Few people know that, sometimes being mean, a little bad mouth helps friends think and live more realistically.

According to Live Science, neurophysiologist Katherine Rankin at the University of California, San Francisco, believes that humans have been fighting each other for thousands of years. Even consider it an essential survival skill when forming and strengthening relationships.

Science proves: People who are often "coffee" are actually very smart, charming and successful!
Humans have known each other for thousands of years.

Dr. Rankin, along with other evolutionary biologists, says that satire is generated and interpreted in the parahippocampal gyrus region of the brain. Anyone who can activate this zone shows that they are a person of strong intelligence.

The researchers said that the teasing, satirizing each other played an important role in establishing human civilization from the most rudimentary societies.

However, to be effective coffee, it depends a lot on knowledge as well as experience. It can be very, very difficult to fit into a community that you don’t understand or can’t make anyone laugh at.

You can see for yourself that: In the midst of a forest of serious people, the one with a sense of humor is the most attractive.

French psychologist Nicolas Guéguen, conducted a survey to assess the impact of humor on women who like to go to the bar.

In which, 60 girls (aged 20 – 26) were surveyed without knowing they were in the study. Most of them have fallen in love with the guys with a sense of humor, taking the initiative to start a conversation when they go to the bar.

For women, the sense of humor and sarcasm is the trait from men that they notice the most (regardless of appearance). According to the journal Psychology Today, regardless of whether a person is a man or a woman, humor shows whether a person is attractive, intelligent, and sociable.

Building a sense of humor is not a far-fetched concept for those looking for love. Knowing how to tell jokes, listen to them, and laugh at irony are important ways to reduce stress in your life. The most important thing is to know the difference between funny and ungrateful.

Humans, not only are smarter and sexier when it comes to adding a little… coffee to life, this wacky trait turns out to help you focus more on your goals, more successful in life. living.

The Washington Post once cited a study of 375 engineering students, to see how satire and sarcasm influenced their careers.

Specifically, the students in the study were assigned to the job of answering phones, helping customers solve professional problems. After analyzing the recordings, the results were quite clear:

If we get ridiculed every day, it may sound like… sad, but actually, it helps us to move forward, even opening new doors in our career. It’s just, don’t be foolish enough to poke a hornet’s nest.