Rumored footprints of the devil around the world

Some of the alleged demon tracks have more meaning to archaeologists than local legends.

The world has no shortage of mysterious stories of local folk. One of them is stories about vestiges that are said to be the embodiment of evil.

These tracks are often bizarre in shape, unlike the footprints of humans or any other animal. Because of its existence, it has led to endless debate of those who do not believe or want to believe in the presence of metaphysical forces in life.

Church “Die Frauenkirche” – Beloved Mother , now the seat of the Archbishop of Munich and Freising. Die Frauenkirche was built in 20 years, from 1468-1488, directed by the famous architect Jorg von Halspach.

One of the most notable attractions is the footprints located near the entrance that are believed to be demonic. According to legend, the construction of the church encountered some funding problems. To complete, the chief architect had to compromise with the devil.

Rumored footprints of the devil around the world
Footprints are said to be the anger of the devil when the chief architect of the project did not live up to the contract. (Photo: Exklusiv-muenchen).

Specifically, the “devil” asked the church not to have any windows to let light in. After Die Frauenkirche was completed, the demon came to check that Jorg von Halspach kept his promise. However, when he discovered that the church still had some windows, in anger, the demon stomped hard, leaving footprints on the floor.

This black footprint is still inside the church to this day, very popular with tourists of the city of Munich.

The Roccamonfina volcano is home to a large collection of fossil footprints near Campania, southern Italy. According to locals, the footprints are evidence that demons once emerged from hell through the crater of an extinct volcano and roamed the Earth. That’s why they gave it the name Ciampate del Diavolo which means “Devil’s Footprint”.

Rumored footprints of the devil around the world
Fossil footprints on the Roccamonfina volcano have many meanings to archaeologists. (Photo: Beyondscience).

Archaeologists are also very interested in these footprints, but with a different meaning from the local people. It has been determined that this is likely a trace from about 350,000 years ago by a species of two-legged hominid. It is also believed to be the oldest “human” footprint outside of Africa, until the 800,000-year-old “Happiburgh footprint” was found in the UK in 2013.

Why someone walked on the crater and left footprints more than 300,000 years ago is still an unanswered question.

Built in 1973, the “North Manchester Convention House” in Maine, USA not only includes a church and cemetery, it also houses the famous rock that is believed to be the vestige of the devil.

According to legend, a group of workers were rebuilding the entrance to the church when they found an immovable rock. No matter how hard he tried, the rock didn’t budge.

Rumored footprints of the devil around the world
The famous stone is located in the cemetery of the North Manchester convention house, USA. (Photo: Atlasobscura).

One of the workers decided to ask the devil to move the stone in exchange for his soul. The next day, the team of workers discovered that the stone had been moved several meters away from the original location. The stone itself also has strange features, resembling human footprints and a hoof.

The Devon mystery of 1855 is considered the most famous and widely studied case of the “devil footprint phenomenon” . This phenomenon took place in February 1855 around the mouth of the River Exe in East and South Devon, England.

Rumored footprints of the devil around the world
The suspected Satanic footprints in Devon Shire, England were redrawn. (Image: Wikipedia).

After a heavy snowfall, locals discovered hoof-like footprints appearing overnight, between 60 and 160 kilometers away. These footprints are about 7-10 cm long, 20-40 cm apart, mostly in single rows, present on more than 30 locations throughout Devon.

Split hoof marks are said to be Satanic marks because they appear in unlikely places, like snow-covered roofs or extremely high and narrow walls.

Although this trace has disappeared to this day, this strange incident was reported by many newspapers during that time. Suspicions of horse footprints were quickly dismissed, while others believed it was a hoax. In the end, a lot of people believe that these are actually the footprints of Satan.

In the middle of the forest in North Carolina, USA, a small piece of land with no trees growing, except for a little grass.

It’s called “the devil’s land” , the famous camping spot has been the subject of many ghostly legends, claiming that the 12 square meter barren land is a place for the devil to dance.

Rumored footprints of the devil around the world
A small piece of land with no trees growing, except for a few weeds. (Photo: Atlasobscura).

Many legends about it appear since 1982. Accordingly, nothing can grow from here, nor any animal that dares to overcome. Locals also believe that if a heavy object is placed in the center of the site, it will be thrown out of the circle the next day because the demons don’t want anything to interrupt their fun.

Many in the area also reported seeing red eyes as well as satanic rituals taking place in the area.

Discovered in early 1945 on the snow-covered hill behind Morveau castle near Everberg, Belgium, strange footprints appear for kilometers stretching through forests and fields, then stopping by a stream. Many footprints are present even in very thick snowdrifts

Rumored footprints of the devil around the world
Footprints were discovered in 1945 behind Morveau castle near Everberg, Belgium. (Photo: Beyond Science).

There is no evidence of any animal effects. The villagers tried to compare the footprints with a goat in the village but there was no match. Surprisingly, these traces are quite similar to what happened in Devonshire, England nearly a hundred years ago.