Precious Blue Diamonds Made From Ancient Oceans

According to a reporter in Rome, two scientists Evan Smith, an American, of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and Fabrizio Nestola, an Italian, of the University of Padua, Italy have recently discovered the mechanism of diamond formation. precious green. The study was published on the cover of the journal Nature.

Blue diamonds like the famous Hope were colored by the ancient oceans through the water element boron at depths between 410 and more than 660km thanks to shifting geological layers. These diamonds are also evidence of the mechanism that forms the Earth’s crust.

Precious Blue Diamonds Made From Ancient Oceans
Blue diamonds are created in the depths of the ocean. (Photo:

According to researcher Smith, blue diamonds are very valuable, so it is difficult to get them for research purposes. In addition, it is very rare to find mineral impurities present in diamonds. These minerals are in the rocks in which diamonds are formed and contain important information about how they were born. To identify impurities in the 46 diamonds used for the study, and calculate the depth at which they were formed, the researchers resorted to an instrument that analyzes X-ray materials.

The results of analysis of minerals trapped in blue diamonds originating from Africa, India, South America and Borneo have shown that the diamonds are formed inside large rocks when exposed to large rocks. extreme pressure and temperature conditions, such as depths from 410 to more than 660km. That means they are formed at the boundary between the upper and lower mantle, which belongs to the part between the Earth’s crust and core. Most other diamonds are formed at depths of only about 150-200km.

According to the researchers’ hypothesis, the boron of the ancient oceans was incorporated into the serpentinite rock . These rocks will then be brought down deeper by the movement of the tectonic plates and will release all the water contained in it.

Most of this water will return to the Earth’s surface, but a small portion gets trapped in other minerals and continues to be carried down to greater depths. To a certain depth, they release boron and other elements.

If there is enough carbon among these elements, which forms diamond, boron will displace some of the carbon atoms and create a blue diamond.

Thus, blue diamonds play an important role in understanding how the Earth has changed over time and are another piece of evidence for the formation of the earth’s crust. The study also shows that water-rich minerals are present at much greater depths than previously known, and this also suggests that water can be regenerated deep within the Earth.