Plane design ideas like sci-fi movies

A designer in Spain has come up with ambitious ideas for unique aircraft models like stepping out of a sci-fi movie.

According to CNN, this person’s name is Oscar Vinals , an aspiring designer in Barcelona.

Plane design ideas like sci-fi movies
A unique design concept by Oscar Vinals. (Photo: Oscar Vinas).

A special thing is that Oscar Vinals doesn’t even have a degree in aeronautical engineering. He also has nothing to do with the US Space Agency or other aeronautical research organizations.

But Oscar Vinals’ imaginative designs have caught the attention of industry insiders.

The design ideas of Vinas of course will not become a reality anytime soon because at least it takes technology to implement.

Plane design ideas like sci-fi movies
The HSP design “Solar Skin” is a very quiet, solar powered aircraft. (Photo: Oscar Vinas)

Even so, he still believes in the feasibility of the designs, at least from a theoretical point of view. “I don’t design just to look good or catch the eye,” he said. All designs are born after intensive research and I hope that one day, designs can be the foundation for a real project. Clean aircraft, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, mobile nuclear fusion reactors…

A lot of these things are in the concept stage in the lab, and I think most of them will eventually become reality.”

Vinals spent most of his career working as a freelance graphic designer for racing teams. His ambitious designs seem fitting for an era when technology is beginning to redefine what we can expect from aviation in the next few decades.

Plane design ideas like sci-fi movies
The Magnavem (giant bird) model is a supersonic aircraft with a mini nuclear fusion reactor. (Photo: Oscar Vinas).

Having no formal aeronautical engineering background was not an obstacle for Vinals as he mostly tinkered with himself through intensive self-study programmes.

Vinals also invests a considerable amount of money in modern tools, such as professional aircraft design software.

Vinals’ designs are diverse, expressing his vision of a future where technologies thrive and each design is tailored to a specific market and trend.

Plane design ideas like sci-fi movies
This reactor generates electrical energy without emissions. (Photo: Oscar Vinas)

Designer Vinals said: “For short journeys, we will use hybrid aircraft and electric aircraft of different sizes. For long flights, we can use hypersonic aircraft that can fly most of the orbit. This is an option for the most adventurous, most affluent passengers. Or maybe use a supersonic plane that can carry hundreds of people.”

Supersonic aircraft can use new propulsion technology such as mini fusion reactors or jet systems.

Plane design ideas like sci-fi movies
Model MKS-1 SLS has 11 engines. (Photo: Oscar Vinas).

Finally, there will be giant aircraft with up to three decks, equipped with hybrid engines, as big as ocean-going ships carrying hundreds of passengers.

In addition to the sci-fi nature, Vinals’ designs all have another thing in common: a focus on eco-friendly technology.

The AWWA Sky Whale is an example. This is a “self-healing” winged aircraft design that can carry 755 passengers. Or like the AWWA-QG Progress Eagle, a zero-carbon three-stage aircraft.

Plane design ideas like sci-fi movies
The MKS-1 SLS will be made of advanced low-density composites such as carbon laminate, aluminum and titanium. (Photo: Oscar Vinas).

Vinals is excited about the prospect of using nuclear fusion as a zero-emissions energy source that has virtually unlimited possibilities. “It’s still years away but it’s not too far off, even the big names in the industry are investing in this,” he said. Take Lockheed Martin, for example, which has been working on a portable nuclear fusion reactor for several years now.”

Plane design ideas like sci-fi movies
Space debris scanner MKS-1B LSJC. (Photo: Oscar Vinas)

In fact, Vinas’ aircraft will not only be zero-emissions but will also make a positive contribution to keeping the skies clean.

Some of his design ideas will include a device that captures carbon from the atmosphere. He even envisioned a plane equipped with lasers that could destroy all kinds of man-made debris from space. The device is called the Space Debris Cleaner MKS-1B LSJC and is in concept form.

Of course, only time will tell when these ambitious ideas will come to fruition.

Several companies and investors active in the field of aviation patents approached Vinals, eager to take advantage of his creativity and far-reaching vision.