Research shows that the global La Nina phenomenon is disappearing

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said that after three years of climate instability, the La Nina weather phenomenon – which increased the activity of hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean and exacerbated droughts in the West – disappearing. This is usually good news for the United States and other parts of the world, … Read more

Camera containing radioactive material missing in Houston

Texas officials said that while there are multiple layers of radioactive protection and the radiation levels outside the camera are not dangerous, the camera still needs to be handled with care. An X-ray camera containing radioactive material goes missing in Houston. (Photo: Texas State Department of Health). The Texas Department of Health says Federal Maintenance … Read more

Oscars 2023: When records are broken!

The resounding victory of the film with Duong Tu Quynh taking the lead role at the Oscars 2023 established more memorable milestones in the history of the film awards, which have been held 95 times. By genre, Everything Everywhere All at Once is the first action-comedy or sci-fi film to win the award for Best … Read more

The mystery of the mine is more precious than gold: Very important in rocket making, but the toxicity is very strong and extremely scarce

Today, we use most of the materials on earth for our purposes, making them valuable in different areas. Among those metals are many precious metals, some even more precious than gold and rare earths. Here is a most rare metal, originating from Xinjiang (China) and extremely toxic. Once learned, this metal can be used to … Read more