Origin and meaning of Tien Ong flower (Da Lan Huong)

Tien Ong flower, also known as Da Lan Huong flower, is a flower with a pleasant fragrance, favored by many Hanoians on Tet holidays. Flowers have many colors such as: blue, red, white, pink … suitable for living room, office or decoration. Many people believe that Tien Ong flowers bloom on the occasion of Tet to bring luck and prosperity to the family.

Hoa Tien Ong originates from the Mediterranean. It can be said that the graceful and elegant beauty of the bell-shaped flowers grow one after another, forming a pyramid on the flower stalk that makes many people fall in love. On the occasion of Tet, at flower markets crowded with sellers and buyers, everyone wants to choose for themselves the desired, colorful and colorful Tien Ong flowers, hoping for a new year with lots of good luck and favorable beginnings.

Origin and meaning of Tien Ong flower (Da Lan Huong)
Hoa Tien is native to the Mediterranean.

This flower appears in Greek legend about a sad story that happened between Hyacinthus, a handsome prince, the sun god Apollo and the wind god Zephur. The story goes that Hyacinthus was greatly favored by Apollo. During a game of hoop throwing, to see who could throw the farthest, when it was Apollo’s turn to throw the hoop, the wind god out of jealousy gathered the wind to blow so hard that the iron ring fell on Hyacinthus’ temple, killing him instantly. Apollo grieved at his death, and that sadness caused a flower named after the prince to grow from his blood.

There are many emotions for poets when writing about the meaning of Tien Ong flower. Some people think that it represents fun, others think it is the embodiment of a girl who has many thoughts in her heart, afraid that tomorrow no one will understand her, so she tries to show her color. But the strong scent – the delicate color, in the end, no one understood.

The meaning of the fairy flower is not so trivial! The sad story in Greek legend helps readers understand the meaning of young love hidden on the flowers of the fairy.

Origin and meaning of Tien Ong flower (Da Lan Huong)
When you are too tired on the way to find love, stop to look at the flowers of Tien Ong, it will help you dispel all worries.

When you are too tired on the way to find a true true love, look at the pink fairy flowers, it will help you dispel the fatigue and anxiety, understand the deep meaning of a true love. true love and choose for yourself the right steps.

I’m destined to be forever sad and sad
The realm of impermanence can’t see the shadow of my love
We go forever in endless life
The soul misses the purple flower sleeping on the grave

Other meanings of fairy flowers

In addition to the mysterious name, the fairy flower also has a very attractive and feminine name, the hyacinth, the attractive shape represents youth and love.

Particularly, the pink daffodil also has a noble mission to help those who want to find true love achieve their dreams.

The youthful, haughty, and lively beauty of the fairy tree is very suitable for decorating guest tables, reception desks, dining tables, reception tables, etc., every New Year’s Eve.

Especially the seductive fragrance of flowers at night makes your house fresh, romantic, full of emotions.

The hyacinth plant grown in an aquarium reveals its long white roots and colorful flowers that will bring to your room a luxurious, brilliant, and attractive beauty.

On the first day of Tet, he is also chosen as a Tet gift for relatives, friends and partners with the meaning of giving the recipient the best wishes.