Need to plant 100 trees/m2 of floor to clean indoor air

We all think indoor plants can help clean the air, but is that true?

In fact, it is true that plants have the ability to clean the air and absorb certain substances such as CO 2 through their leaves. However, researchers at Drexel University (Philadelphia, USA) found that houseplants don’t actually improve the air quality index too much.

The researchers analyzed the results of 12 scientific studies, including one by NASA in 1989, and found that these experiments were performed only in the lab. Therefore, it is not possible to fully represent the environment of a house with natural air flows from the outside blowing through the rooms, and then back to the outside of the house.

Need to plant 100 trees/m2 of floor to clean indoor air
Green plants not only help improve mood but also reduce stress levels.

To be able to remove harmful substances in the air, you need to plant at least 10 trees per 0.1 square meter of floor. Perhaps many people prefer to have an indoor garden filled with greenery, but this is not feasible for the vast majority of families. With the above density, your indoor garden will turn into a forest!

In addition, it is important to note that the results of the above study do not mean that indoor plants are completely unhealthy. Many studies have confirmed that indoor plants have certain benefits such as positive effects on our physical and mental health.

A study by the University of Exeter (UK) discovered an interesting result that plants not only improve mood but also reduce stress levels. This is especially beneficial for people who often work from home, families with home-schooled children, or even those who have difficulty focusing on work…

Research shows that houseplants don’t actually improve air quality, though. However, research by the University of Exeter shows that indoor plants increase our productivity by 15%.

The study analyzes the effects of the increase or decrease in the number of indoor plants on the physical, cognitive, and mood of working people. This is great news for those who are working from home frequently. Perhaps a desk with lots of greenery will help your workspace become lighter and inspire better work! You can use this as an excuse to get started with growing some indoor plants!

A small cactus would look great on a desk – especially for those who like a neat space or have a small desk.

The tiger tongue tree does not need to be watered too much, so it is very suitable for those who often… forget to water the plants. This plant is usually quite large in size, so it is suitable for those who have a large workspace or a separate desk.

Orchid is a plant that doesn’t need a lot of sun, but you will need to water it regularly. However, if watered too much, it will not flower at all!