Just prove this city doesn't exist, you will immediately donate 1.1 million dollars

Would you like to one day receive an amount of about… 1.1 million USD? This number is equivalent to more than 25 billion VND?

If yes then this contest is your chance! Anyone can join, just be German and over 18 years old!

The story is that the city of Bielefeld (Germany) has long existed a powerful conspiracy theory (or… a joke), that it actually doesn’t exist. And if you can prove this theory to be true – which can show even once that the city of Bielefeld is a work of fiction devised by some shady organization, .1 million will be yours.

Just prove this city doesn't exist, you will immediately donate 1.1 million dollars
The German city of Bielefeld.

The opportunity only lasts until September 5, 2019 , and anyone can submit any convincing evidence – photos, videos, texts… – to Bielefeld Marketing GmbH group . The amount of $ 1.1 million was also provided by the corporation itself and many sponsors. However, the organization said it was 99.99% sure that it could refute all the evidence presented, and was also confident that no one would receive this money.

“Bet” sure, or should you play alone, guys?

The Bielefeld city conspiracy theory originated in 1994, by a computer scientist named Achim Held. This person posted it on the Usenet computer forum, with a rather “deep” purpose: to turn conspiracy theories into a farce.

According to the published theory, Bielefeld is actually an illusion created by the SIE organization (of course not real) with the help of Israeli spies and technology of… aliens. They use Bielefeld University – which is also an illusion – to hide spacecraft from another planet.

To “prove” the above story, you will have to answer 3 questions.

Conspiracy theory smells of fiction, but somehow many people feel it makes sense. According to Atlas Obscura, this theory was enough to cause the mayor of Bielefeld that year to constantly answer questions about whether the city he was serving was real.

25 years later, this conspiracy theory is once again resurgent, especially after Chancellor Angela Merkel’s joke when she returned to Berlin from the city in 2012. She told everyone: “It doesn’t exist. where” , and so the conspiracy theorists went on a rampage.

Just prove this city doesn't exist, you will immediately donate 1.1 million dollars
The city is of course real! The population there is 300,000 people.

Some people who believe in this theory even think that Elvis Presley (the king of Rock n’ Roll) is still alive and there. Many people even believe that the CIA used this city to tell the truth behind the moon landing in the 20th century.

In fact, it’s also hard to know if the people who believe in the Bielefeld conspiracy theory really believe it, or if they are just using it to “troll” people online. However, scientists have proven that people who believe in conspiracy theories are more likely to also have a false understanding of probability, hate reality, and always think of themselves as special.

Speaking of Bielefeld, it is a real city (at least for the time being), located in the northeastern part of the North Rhine region of Germany, with a population of 300,000.