Interesting things on February 29 that few people know

In the West, February 29 is considered the day when women propose, the day they can confess to any guy.

February 29 is the 60th day of a leap year in the Gregorian calendar. By definition, any year with this date is a leap year. It only appears every four years like 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020, 2024, etc. In particular, any year with a year number that is divisible by 100 but not divisible by 400 is not a leap year , for example: The years 1700, 1800, 1900, 2100, etc only have 365 days.

February 29 is not only a special day for those born on this day to be born on the right day, but the day that Westerners consider to be the day when women propose .

According to Western legend, this tradition dates back to the 5th century in Ireland, when the goddess Kildare complained to Saint Patrick that women in Ireland had to wait a long time for men in the region to propose. St. Patrick agreed, allowing women in the region to ask any man they liked on February 29 of every leap year.

Interesting things on February 29 that few people know
On this day, Scottish women can propose to any man they love.

Until 1288, in Scotland this tradition was elevated to a law promulgated by Queen Margarite and February 29 became “women’s rights day” . So, on this day, Scottish women can propose to any man they love. Over time, this custom was spread to both America and Europe, this is considered an opportunity for women to express their affection to men without any barriers.

And when men are revealed, if they do not want to receive that affection from the woman, they must have a gift in return of 1 pound or must give a silk shirt as a gift to relieve sadness. for the woman.

In Denmark, a man who refuses a confession must give the woman 12 pairs of gloves, while in Finland a man must give a woman cloth to make a dress.

In history, there have been many famous people who should have taken the initiative to propose on this day. In addition, in the past few days, February 29, many interesting events have taken place.

On February 29, 2004, more than 7,000 British women “invited each other” to actively propose to their boyfriend, in which an MC successfully proposed to her boyfriend right on television.

Studying Western women, on February 29, 2008, the famous Chinese marriage brokerage website “Bai He” also organized the program “Now it’s our turn to ask” to encourage and encourage women. boldly “rise up” to win happiness.

2/29 is not a valid date

February 29 takes only four years to come, so writing this date in the contract will make it difficult for both parties to implement.

Interesting things on February 29 that few people know
February 29 is inherently a special day because it only comes once every 4 years.

Therefore, companies do not really consider February 29 as a valid date to avoid possible inconveniences and controversies.

For example, some insurance companies have actively asked their customers to choose February 28 or March 1 to make a claim instead of February 29 in that year. This causes quite a lot of frustration in regular trading.

Not only that, many people also feel quite frustrated when employees who are paid a fixed salary by year or by month often have to work for free on February 29 because the payroll system can hardly be adjusted according to the salary schedule. this leap day.

In addition, in some countries, prisoners serving a one-year sentence will often have to stay in prison for an extra day if the year is a leap year.

City for “leap people”

February 29 is inherently a special day because it only comes once every four years and there are people in the city who consider themselves the Leap Year Capital of the world. There are two cities for leap people, both named Anthony – but one in Texas, the other in New Mexico state (USA).

In these two cities, they hold a very invested and splendid festival to celebrate the birthdays of all those born in a leap year on February 29.

Not only that, there is a club called: “Honor Society of Leap Year Babies” specifically for people born in leap years.

This special club already has 10,000 members worldwide, those whose birthday is on leap day can apply to join the club.