How to wear a mask without fogging glasses

In the midst of a pandemic, of course, you must wear a mask, but with a 4-eyed team, this experience is not easy because the glasses are always blurred by steam.

The storm of pneumonia caused by the new strain of corona virus 2019-nCov is still in a complicated stage and makes the whole world fear. The current virus has been determined to be transmitted through droplets, so one of the most important things everyone needs to do is to wear a mask, to protect themselves and the surrounding community.

However, for people on the “myopia team” , wearing a mask has never been a happy experience. Our breath contains water vapor, which will follow the gap created between the nose and the mask to go up, condense on the glass surface and make the scene in front of our eyes become blurred.

How to wear a mask without fogging glasses
The common sight of the 4-eyed team when wearing a mask.

Knowing that wearing a mask is extremely important, but is there a way to reduce the inconvenience? In fact, it is, and you will be guided right here.

Step 1 : Fold the upper part of the mask, as shown in the image below.

Step 2: Prepare a thin sheet of paper, fold and line the folded mask, then put it on and experience it yourself.

How to wear a mask without fogging glasses

This trick is applied from the very simple rule of physics. As mentioned, your breath has water and it is the water that causes the lenses to fog, so just add a layer of paper that can absorb it.