Food that professional chefs never eat at restaurants

Insider page revealed the reason professional chefs never eat seafood, cooked beef steak… when going to a restaurant.

When it comes to food, everyone has their own preferences. However, professional chefs, who directly prepare the food, offer advice on what diners should not order when visiting a restaurant.

The Insider reporter interviewed a number of professional chefs about the foods you shouldn’t order in a restaurant and why. The answer opened up some secrets behind the kitchen door.

Food that professional chefs never eat at restaurants
If you order well-cooked beef, you may end up with a lower quality cut.

Discussing why you shouldn’t choose cooked steak in restaurants, Valentyn Volkov James Briscione, Director of Culinary Studies at the Institute of Culinary Education, shared: “Chefs often don’t appreciate diners who order. eat this, unless you are the elderly, young children, pregnant women…

They usually reserve less tasty cuts of meat (e.g. thinner and tougher parts) to cook. In general “chefs pay little attention to menus that require well-cooked meat”.

Food that professional chefs never eat at restaurants
Fries with truffle oil.

Said to be the most expensive mushroom in the world, truffles are famous for being a rare and premium food. Therefore, oils made from real truffles are very rare. Instead, this cooking ingredient is mixed with a variety of chemicals to create the smell like real truffles.

Never order anything with truffle oil in it. Chances are, that truffle flavor is fake . 20 cents of oil dripping on the plate will send menu prices skyrocketing,” says Chef Briscione.

Food that professional chefs never eat at restaurants
Mussels, mussels and mussels are also dishes that many chefs are afraid to eat at restaurants.

“I never order mussels at a restaurant. I know people love them, so I have been meticulous in preserving and serving customers carefully. However, a bad mussel will make the dish fail . Mary Dumont, chef and banana restaurant owner in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, revealed.

Mary Dumont is not the only one. Anthony Bourdain is a famous chef with programs to explore international culture and cuisine. He also shared in the book “Kitchen Secrets” that he would only order mussels if he knew the chef personally.

Food that professional chefs never eat at restaurants
Bacon, blue cheese and caramelized onion sandwich.

Wagyu beef sandwich topped with foie gras and duck fat bacon is an attractive dish because of its appearance and taste. However, chef Briscione said: “There’s no reason to pay for a hamburger.

If chefs pile expensive ingredients on top of hamburgers, it is only for the purpose of taking more money from diners. Delicious burgers are made with tough cuts of meat like brisket or ribs. Grinding expensive meat just to make burgers is a waste.”

Food that professional chefs never eat at restaurants
Ordering a special seafood meal is a lucky decision of diners when coming to the restaurant.

Fish is one of the dishes that diners should avoid, especially on Mondays. At that time, you can taste stale seafood. Most restaurants usually receive new food on a Thursday, before the weekend peak time.

Silvia Barban, head chef at Larina Pastificio e Vinosome, in Brooklyn, USA, said: “With seafood specials, you can be served with the freshest and most delicious ingredients. However, in some restaurants. , making menus with specials is also a way to clear the refrigerator.”